Oh God! Last minute jitters!!! Tell me this is normal please!

  1. I am due to pick up my first ever Birkin this afternoon. My stomach is aching with feelings of guilt over excitement. Please hold your breath with me and help me dive in the cold water. I can only assume this is normal! Thanks for your support x
  2. Wow. You're very calm. I would have taken the day off and be standing outside the store, waiting for it to open! Travel in the speed of light, erm, Birkin! :p (ask amandakmc!)


    Congrats, hope to see you post pictures of your new bag! :wlae::wlae::supacool:

    I know when I went to pick up my first Hermes bag which happened to be the most lovely Kelly, I was nervous, my palms were sweating, everything. You will feel fine once you get that baby in your hands! :tup:

    Please share some details!!!
  4. I love the wait, how exciting!!
  5. Wow, yes please details, I see you are in London! I am glad you are getting a birkin! Enjoy!! Its nice when you see London UK people getting Hermes!x
  6. How exciting!

  7. Same here!!!

    Ebruo, congratulations on your upcoming purchase! Can't wait to read details and see pics!
  8. I think it's the excitement of it all that makes this entire H world so wonderful - total butterflies, right????

    I remember waiting for my first Birkin and the day it arrived, I felt feeling like a teenager whose crush walked into the classroom on the first day of school and sat right next to her *squeal* !!!

    Enjoy the nerves, the fun, the excitement! And can't WAIT to see pictures!
  9. totally normal :yes: I'm so excited for you!!! :yahoo:
  10. OMG, I remember the day.....

    Enjoy enjoy....and please post pics and details :smile:
  11. It's a good kind of nervousness, really! Congratulations, and do show us your lovely new bag as soon as you can!
  12. Completely normal. most exciting news.
  13. Eburo.
    These feelings are completely normal !!!
    Breathe deeply!!!:okay:
    These feelings never go away. YAY!!!!!
    It is the best feeling in the world (well nearly:p) when you get your hands on the orange box. I screamed. DH thought I had gone completely nuts
  14. perfectly normal -- and part of the fun. every time i'm about to get a bag my mind is flooded with thoughts of the sheer lunacy of spending all that money on a handbag! and then it arrives and makes me melt, and i SO understand why all over again.
  15. How I wish I was in London too!!! Then I can just be a nosey parker and poke my head into the store and see you getting your birkin!! ;)