Oh God! It happened to me

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  1. :wtf: Can't freaking believe it, but was so excited about taking my very first LV from years ago to the LV boutique to have some stitching repaired. It is my precious grafitti pochette!

    LV called and told me my bag wasn't one of their "products." I'm so devastated! OMG!!! All I can say is that thank god I bought that grafitti alma from Let-Trade earlier in the year, so at least I have one authentic grafitti piece... and now, I guess I'm saving to buy an authentic grafitti pochette, I loved that grafitti pochette so much! Got so many compliments, even from the SA at LV Las Vegas~! It was so special to me and is a perfect fake!:crybaby:

    I have pics in the pochette club, and will try to find the link. I didn't even want to post this on the forum, but in the end, thought I'd share. I'm horrified.

    My girlfriend gave it to me as a gift, and she has a nice Vuitton collection, dog carrier, miroir keepall, etc, so I thought for sure, it was good. Could it still be good and the SA's were wrong?

    I'm gonna post my pics...:sad:
  2. Oh no i am so sorry.
  3. Uh-oh :oh: ......:nuts:

    I'm sorry this happened to you. I hope she didnt know it wasn't authentic....
  4. I'm sorry to hear that. Did you try in another store? SA's could make mistakes, but I wouldn't put my hopes up if it was for repair. They would really have to look.
  5. ick. think I'm gonna hurl.... all I can do to soothe my aching soul is find an authentic one and replace it. Didn't see any on Let-Trade today. Usually, they have one or two....
  6. Ohhhh, SO sorry that happened to you!!!
    Gosh, the only thing worse than a fake is one that's actually good. :push:

    I hope you can find another AUTHENTIC one! Good luck :heart:
  7. i'm so sorry hear about this! maybe you should make sure with another store too?
  8. OMG! Vee, I hope this gets straightened out for you!

  9. Oh no! You should definitely go to another store... some SA's are clueless sometimes. :s
  10. Thanks John! I really appreciate your opinion. EVERYTHING about this pochette feels right:push: I've had a fake one before (sent it back, reported it and got my money back) and it had a funky weird smell.

    Perhaps, I should continue to pursue. She just kept saying over and over "it's not one of our products" I kept saying, are you saying it's not authentic? (this was over the phone cause she's in Las Vegas and I was in New Mexico. She wouldn't say that it wasn't authentic, she just said over and over, it's not one of our products. I just started laughing cause I told her I have so many authentic LV, I can't believe this. She sent it back to me, and didn't return my dust cover!:cursing: arrrgghhh.....

    thanks again John, I'll try when I go to LA, maybe someone there will know..

  11. agh, I'm so sorry that's happened to you... hope you can get everything straighten up in LA.
  12. I'm so sorry. Hopefully your friend didn't know when she gave it to you :sad:
  13. Awww, hun! I found out the hard way that my precious first piece of LV, my keepall, was fake. I was devastated! I know how you feel.

    Check at another LV store to be sure; John is right, from what I have heard their SA's can be clueless. And check Karen Kooper, she's got graffiti pochettes I bet!
  14. oh no, so sorry! :cry: