Oh, God, I'm so bad. Freaking new Coach line! Check out what I just bought...

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  1. My first Coach purchase was a black signature stripe demi and a bunch of accessories this past weekend, to the tune of about $300. But as soon as I logged on this morning and saw the new line, as soon as I went on lunch at work, there I was AGAIN back at Coach. I'm such an impulse buyer! Now I'm afraid maybe I should have just gone with the mini skinny in the signature stripe multi.... what do y'all think? Why am I suffering buyer's remorse over this gorgeous bag?

    Here's what I got:

    The Signature Multi Stripe Demi:


    And the Watercolor Ponytail Scarf (I LOVE THIS!):

  2. So cute!!! I love both of them!!!! Don't feel bad. I keep looking at the Coach site and I'm thinking of driving to the boutique tonite!!! Somebody stop me!!!:p
  3. Oooh, I love the scarf!! Great purchases! :yahoo:
  4. The scarf is fabulous. It would match any Summery outfit!! congrats.
  5. Congrats! Cute pieces!

    I'm supposed to be on a ban but after checking Coach.com this morning... its getting harder and harder NOT to buy something and I don't know how long this ban will last!
  6. i love that scarf!!!!
  7. I love the scarf! Please post pics of the bag, I'd love to see it in rl.
  8. Great purchases! Man I don't know how anyone can carry around a bag that small, I carry too much stuff I guess. =D
  9. Cute buys! I want the scarf :biggrin:
  10. love the bag! such fun!
  11. love the scarf, not as big of a fan to the bag, get the mini skinny they're good for EVERYTHING! and less expensive ;)
  12. I don't personally care for the bag.
    The stripe bothers me. BUTTTT
    I love the scarf =)
    I have it on my white leather ergo today and it so dresses it up.
    Post pics of the bag though, I'm curious to how it really looks (not just a website pic).
  13. Love, love, love the bag!

    So cute for spring and summer!
  14. very fun and summery. if you like color.
  15. i really want to see an acutal pic of the bag because so far, the stock photos just are NOT appealing to me.