oh god i'm going to get myself in so much trouble

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  1. So I got my first pair of CLs the other day... No Prives glittart. I'm a total klutz though, so it's going to take a lot of practice for me to walk well in them.

    So now another pair is calling to me... a burgundy pair of Sharkas. My question is: Does anyone know anything about that style? I thought they'd be a good stepping stone (no pun intended) for me to work my way up to the Prives.

  2. What color are you new glittarts?
  3. They're here.
    I've been too lazy to take pics now that I've gotten them. They're gorgeous and surprisingly comfortable for such high heels, it's just my klutzy body that needs to adjust. Thus my hope that the Sharkas might be a good option.
  4. Congrats! I love Burgundy Glittart!
  5. Thanks! I'm thrilled with them.

    Sigh, I need to quit window shopping on eBay. Simple 70s vs. Sharkas. Thoughts?
  6. I prefer the Simples.
  7. Yeah I'm liking those too especially since they've got a more rounded toe. But the ones I'm looking at are bright red that match the soles, and I don't know if it's just because I'm new to CLs or what, but I tend to prefer the ones that have color contrast between the uppers and the soles.
  8. Any advice? Anyone? :P
  9. I would go for the Simples too. If you can force yourself to wear the NP for a day, you'll get used to them. It's nice to have an alternative, though.
  10. Are they more comfortable than the Sharkas or something? Maybe I'm just nervous about wearing bright red shoes, heh. The Sharkas are a deep burgundy. What would you wear with bright red shoes anyway?
  11. ^^Black, white, and gray look great with red! Jeans too, just about any neutral. I always wear my red Coxinelles with jeans. But go with whichever you prefer.
  12. I have the 70mm red Simples and love them. They look great with jeans.
  13. I have the the red simples too and they are a great shoe, and quite comfortable.
  14. Okay thanks for all the advice. I was totally gonna go for the Sharkas but then I saw someone wearing the same red Simples in the outfit thread, with a black shirt and jeans and it looked awesome. Plus, eBay was having a sale (or the seller was, I dunno) so instead of $460 they were only $281! And here they are!
  15. Yay, what a deal! Can't wait for pictures!