OH GOD! I am so confused!!

  1. Here's my dilemma. I do not own any flaps. I really have no use for them. I usually carry the cabas,gst, mc e/w or some big gucci hobo. However, I am in love with the pink flap. I can def get the medium flap in pink caviar, I don't think I need to search for a jumbo because I really can't use it on a daily basis. With the impending price increase, do you think I should just get it? Is the medium that small that its impractical?
    I am also supposed to pick up a black mini flap in lambskin. Is that a good buy? Should I bite the bullet and buy both? I am so confused!!:nuts:
  2. I want to say get the pink med flap because it's such a pretty bag... but you said you really have no use for them so you should really think whether you will actually use the bag? The medium flap is not the most practical bag sizewise, but it still fits all my essentials. And I always carry a large wallet. The mini flap on the other hand... fits next to nothing IMO.
  3. If you carry a lot of stuffs with you, I would definitely say, no to medium flaps. Depends really on how you're going to use it. :biggrin: Goodluck!
  4. I bought a pink medium flap, LOVED the color. I wanted it for an everyday bag, but nothing really fit in it for me so sadly it wasn't practical for me.
  5. I was picking up a mini flap for "going out" not really an everyday bag. I was thinking getting the medium flap for the same lines. But if I am going to use it for just going out and not everday maybe I should go smaller? Maybe I should have rephrased my dilemma. Thank you all!
  6. The medium flap is a nice size for going out. You can fit a small wallet, credit card case, cell phone, keys, comb, and lipstick. I don't think you can fit much in a mini.
  7. thats czo. I have a white mini flap and I love it. Maybe I should just get a black medium flap so I can use it more.
  8. I think the medium flap is a perfect size for going out. And the pink is so precious. Since you already have a white mini flap, I'd go for a medium (in pink or black or red) to round out your collection.

    I'm curious as to why the jumbo wouldn't work for you on a daily basis? I fit the same stuff in my jumbo as my babys cabas. It holds a lot and still lots very streamlined and elegant. For me, it's a great every day bag.
  9. I don't carry much, just a wallet, phone, lip balm so it fits pretty much everything. I love flaps s.o I always try to make it work even it it means sacrificing some additional accessories. I say just for it!
  10. ocgirl-i spend most of my day on construction/demolition sites and potential sites. if i walked on site with a classic flap i would prob get more flack that what i get now. i already get princess for my oversized chanel glasses and tru religion jeans. atleast with the other bags i can get away with it by sticking prints in them. a classic flap jumbo as much as i love them would just look like i am asking for it :greengrin:
    If I was to work in an office or somewhere not so outdoor and dirty I would totally rock a jumbo.

    oh, btw, I just ordered the pink caviar medium flap with silver hardware from NM. I should have it next week. I am making a list of all the upcoming events and parties I can wear it....Thanks everyone for their opinions!!