Oh God Grief! Please Help...I think Ive bought a fake!

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  1. OMG please help me, well not me, my mum. My mum has called and has bought me a panda cles (she knew I wanted one) But its from Ebay, shes paid for it and its being delivered to my house soon. But the seller has just listed a fake apparently a new with tag :s LV bag (not a clue what model). I was like OMG mum be careful cause I dont want a fake. She knew I wanted one but there so hard to get here so she bought it as a suprise from Ebay and is having it delivered to me but now that the seller has listed a New with tags bag which she knows is fake...shes told me and Im like OMG. Im gunna post pics when it comes. Ok guys get ready to help me. :shame:. My mum has gone away for a few days so I cant get the listing number etc. so Im gunna just have to wait till it comes :Push:

    my mum is not an LV expert and doesnt own any LV but knows that I love it and Ive told her that a bag with a tag hanging off it and a price lower than walmart = fake...also ive told her if its new without box etc its fake :s
  2. Post pics when you get it and stay calm :flowers:
    I know a bunch of eBay sellers who list fakes and real ones :yucky:
  3. are you SURE it was a fake bag listed? can you list it?
  4. If the bag has a hang tag attatched then it is a fake.
  5. my mum was 100% postative that it was a fake bag and she told me that it had a tag hanging off it attached by plastic, she said the lining was suede and the bag had a see through dust bag :sad:. But the she cant tell if the cles is fake apparently it comes with box etc
  6. Im so scared that my cles is fake, it should be here next week so I will post pics
  7. Don't stress, it may be real. And if it isn't then it may be the perfect piece to experiment & try LV_Addicts[I think] coloring idea.;)
  8. Can you post a link to the auction? People here can help you just with the link!
  9. no I dont have the link, my mum has bought me the cles and shes away at the moment so I cant get the link, the cles will be here before she comes home :sad:

  10. not necesseraily... if it was not removed by the sa , ie straight from the shipment box, the tag will be sold with the bag... dont mean to be rude
  11. Im just worried because my mum thinks that the cles was expensive as she herself does not buy LV and I just think its great that she has bought me something that Ive wanted as a Gift. I would just feel so awful if the cles is fake and she has spent her hard earned cash on me. She said that the dust bag on the listed bag is see through and to me this is fake :sad:
  12. LV does not use hang tags, no LV should ever come with one. No LV tag should ever have holes in it for a hang tag.
  13. aww thats sweet i hope its real! *crosses fingers*
  14. LV DOES have tags and they do have holes in them, they do hang them on there, BUT THEY ARE CUT OFF BEFORE SELLING,DISPLAYING, or STORING
  15. sorry socialite for posting on ur thread but i need to make a point
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