OH GIRLS confession time of sniffers anonymous

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  1. you know you do it. we get that bag in the mail, cant wait to rip open the nicely packaged paper and before you know it we have our noses glued to the bag

    ahhhhh the aroma of coach leather:p

    you know you do it, some of us have admitted to it before, but I wanted to start this thread for all of us who have to sneak sniffs of our bags when nobody is looking:yes:

    my DH found me one night on my way to get a drink with my head stuck down in my bag. I said I was searching for something, but I think he knew I was sniffing:s

    I LOVE the smell of my whiskey ali and thought nothing could top her until I got my 2007 black leather legacy bag this morning. I cant stop smelling her:roflmfao:

    ok fess up!!:girlsigh:
  2. How did you know??? LOLz!!!!!!! I DO sniff my bags when I first get them.....that's too funny!!!! :p
  3. Hello everyone, My name is Foxy Cleopatra & I sniff my Coach leather bags....LOL:nuts:

    Yes, I love :heart:that new leather smell, as a matter of fact I was catching a few wiffs of my new Pond legacy shoulder bag last night...It's the little things:girlsigh:!!!
  4. dbl post
  5. I'm definitely a sniffer! And yesterday my BF was sniffing my new Carly! The red straps just beg to be sniffed :p
  6. they smell so good they should probably come with a warning to not eat them:shame:

    I dont know what it is about the smell of coach hangbags, but I DO sniff them everytime I walk by!!! I can only use the excuse of (just looking for something honey) so many times, before my DH is going to try and get me commited:nuts:
  7. Ok... you got me! I'm a sniffer too!

    I love smelling my Coaches!
  8. i was JUST going to make a post about this! I bought the sig stripe tote the other day, and i LOVE the way it smells. i can't get enough!!
  9. i guilty of this too! i still sniff my coach leather wallet, and it's probably over a year old! whenver i'm with my bf, i'll try to be subtle when i hold her and smell her. sometimes he catches me and makes fun of me. he thinks i'm insane!

  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. Yep.. same here.. something about that high quality scrumptious leather... hmmm hmmm good! ;)
  12. My name is Bravo and I'm a shameless sniffer. I can't help it. There's nothing like the smell of Coach leather. When I go to the store it smells like Xmas at my house. Hubby's given up, I'm beyond help...:cutesy:
  13. HEHE, I work the Coach stock and when we get new bags in to prep, I can't help but stick my nose or my head inside and smell. I love the smell of leather.
  14. I too am a sniffer! And for some reason I LOVED the smell of my large signature ergo tote and I constantly sniffed it! I don't know why but what little leather was on that bag smelled like heaven!
  15. I've had my nose glued to my Hamptons wristlet since I got it! Mmmmmm....the smell of vintage leather in the morning!:nuts: