Oh GEEZ I'm such a Newb!!!

  1. This may be the dumbest thing ever... but I'm terrified of using my Chanel!! :push:

    This is my first Chanel bag ever - a pink medium caviar classic flap. All I manage to do is take it out of its box, remove the tissue paper and the cloth/felt protector, put it on my shoulder empty and go look at it in the mirror. Then I take it right off, put the felt protector and all the tissue paper back in place and back in dustbag and box and into closet. I haven't even tried putting a wallet or anything in it for fear it will mess up its current perfect condition.

    Has anyone else suffered from this first time trauma - or am I the only dummy? I've NEVER had this problem with any of my bags before! I'm not sure why I'm having this anxiety right now... maybe because the interior is lined in calf leather that seems like it can easily scratch? :shrugs: I can't seem to find another rational reason for my irrational fear!

  2. Bless You! I can understand what you are going through, your Chanel is such a truly beautiful bag you are terrified are harming it, I've gone through it with most of my bags lol, and sometimes still do!
    But what you must remember is, (Courtesy of PF'er Emmy)
    Take that baby out of the closet!!! Take a deep breath and USE IT GIRL!!! It will get easier..You'll be amazed how great you feel when you carry it...It is a tragedy to have that beautiful bag in the closet...Life is too short..Enjoy it!!!
  3. You bought the Chanel because you love it and because you want to carry it. Bags will get bumped and bruised even with the most careful use but leaving it in a glass bubble, so to speak, isn't giving you the pleasure you want, will it? ;)
  4. You better take that baby out! The leather needs to breath! You might do more damage than good leaving it all wrapped up. When I first got my Chanel I was nervous too, but now it comes with me everywhere and is a trooper! USE IT!:yes:
  5. It's okay, I'm the same way! I just got my first Chanel the other day, a black large Cambon tote with black patent CC's, and so far haven't used it. It's the first time I've spent over a thousand dollars on a bag, and I'm afraid of damaging it. At the same time though, I bought it because I've wanted one for so long, and so I know I need to just bite the bullet and start using it. I think tomorrow will be the day!
  6. oh, yeah, every single time, u'll get over it once u start using it. Pretty pink!!!
  7. No problem, just send it send it to me I'll use it for you!:p :nuts:
  8. Aw jadecee, just imagine how amazing you will feel once you introduce your Chanel to the world!! I know it's scary to let her out of the closet (ha) but maybe you could take baby steps and take her with you to get the mail, then a short trip in the car, etc. :yes:
  9. Thanks for the comments ladies! I know I'm being silly and I hope it'll be something I get over once I start using it!

    I was just kinda caught off guard cuz I've never had this problem with any of my bags before and this isn't the most expensive one. So it's not even the price.

    I was just wondering if anybody else had the same feeling/experience and whether there was some easy cure or rationalization out of it. :wlae:

    I guess it'll be like ripping off a band-aid - I just gotta DO IT!

    Thanks again everyone!
  10. oh, i felt the same way! after i got my bag, i would just take it out, admire it, pat it here and there and put it back in the box. finally my bf (who bought me the bag) asked if i was ever going to actually use the bag and not waste his money just staring at it. so, i brought it out and it feels sooo good. there's nothing like having a chanel on your shoulder the first time... or the second.. err...ok... any time!

    i think you should just run with it (not literally though!)
  11. Go ahead! Be strong! It will be sooooo worth it!

    I actually have the opposite problem, I have to keep from walking out of the store with it on my shoulder!
  12. I really have the opposite problem. DH took me to NM to pick out my new Chanel (black caviar medallion tote) for my anniversary gift. Nice gift, right? I love it to bits, but doggone, I've got so many nice bags and I like to rotate them, but I feel SO GUILTY if I even think about putting it away to carry anything else after such a special treat.

    Talk about frustrating! :hysteric:
  13. Ok - you ladies have inspired me.. now I just got to wait for a sunny day. I don't want my first time using it to be an experience where I'm freaking out about rain getting on it.

    Looking at the forecast... might be not until next week! :push:
  14. The inside will scratch but who cares! Your the only one who can see it. Enjoy it, use it, rock it!!
  15. Jadecee ~ I Feel This Way Always....

    The Pink Caviar Classic Flap Has To Be One The Prettiest Bags Ever....Enjoy!!!;)