Oh gawd, someone please talk me out of Hermes shoes... pretty please...

  1. I just saw a pair of darling strappy sandals. Very dark neutral brown, perfect height (3 1/2 inches), fit like a glove etc. Classic design, so not trendy, KWIM?

    Part of me REALLY wants to get them... Did i mention that they're comfy? :blush:

    The other part of me thinks that maybe $900 for a pair of shoes migh be too much! *sigh* I usually spend between $300-500 on footwear (HB croc boots were an exception - plus they were on sale:p ).

    I should be saving my $$$ for my SO but this pair is surprisingly just so appealing. They can replace a pair of Manolos that are just too thin for words. My darling SA kindly suggested having the cobbler possibly thicken the sole but I'm leaning towards donating them to charity. The Hermes sandals are far more neutral & classic.

    Decisions, decisions...

    P.S. If you're wondering if I need them, the answer is yes & no.
    • Yes I need them cuz their Manolo alternate is getting absolutely no daylight due to its very thin sole and color scheme. Plus they'd give my other shoes a break.
    • No, I don't need them because I still have my sandals... (even though I don't wear them anymore) And I should be saving my $$$.
    No chance of them going on sale, eh? LOL.
  2. es...$900 is a lot for shoes.

    I am strange in that as much as I love good footwear...I have a hard time spending $$$ on something that gets worn out and abused so heavily over a season or two and is not fshionable in a season or two....I am very hard on my feet...so I tend to buy shoes on sale....

    That being said if you think you will regret it and you can afford it..then get it...I am not sure of the cost of your SO, but are the shoes 20% or thr total cost....10% of the total cost...5 % of the total cost? That might help put buying them in perspective.

    H shoes do go on sale...I have bought 3 pairs that way..but usually there are a lot of size 9's and size 5's and very little in between....

    Ask you SA to put them on hold for a week...and then re-evaluate....
  3. I vote resole you shoes and put money towards some other H item.:yes:
  4. HL, I'd say...no... $900 is a bit expensive for a pair of sandals (unless it's boots).. You can have 2 pair of Manolo or maybe even 2 pair of CL for that price...I'd hold on to it a little bit (wait for the sale :rolleyes:) and put the money towards more H purchases..
  5. Quinn's Mom - they're roughly 20% of one of my SO-ed bags. I ordered two.:blush: The other's a croc...

    As for sale... ugh, I'm a 36. So I'm pretty sure they will not be available by them. :sad: :s

    LoveThatThing - you're right about the cost but you know what? Manolos have such a thin sole, it's ridiculous... and my two pairs of Manolo sandals are my least favorite cuz they're so thin. Even after my darling cobbler resoled them. My ever so helpful SA even suggested adding padding but that makes the shoes too tight, KWIM?

    ElizabethK - I can try to ask for resole but I think my cobbler would have to add at least a quarter inch sole to the bottom. I just liked the Hermes pair because of the platform-ish bottom.
  6. Yeah I gotcha, it's true that they are kinda thin and wear out more easily, what about CL platform heels ? Those are REALLY comfortable ! but they're 700ish...heck ! Get the H if you can't let go the H platforms off your mind !
  7. It sounds like you really "need" them.
  8. Sorry can't talk you out of a Hermes shoe purchase! Their shoes are beautiful, very well made, classically beautiful and last a very long time with loving care and frequent trips to the cordonnier/shoe repair place! I find them more comfy than Louboutins and Manolos. I'd rather have a lot of H shoes, a handful of bags, no scarves or wallets, or agenda thingies.
  9. It does actually sound as if you really do need them or another alternative to your Manolos. Have your SA put them on hold and go shoe shopping to see if you find another pair that fulfills your needs but is not quite as expensive. If you don't find anything else, well then.....
  10. It sounds like you really love those shoes. If you can afford them, get 'em!:p
  11. I'll only spend that kind of cash on shoes if they can be factored down via cost per wear. Will you wear them enough so that the cost-per-wear will be in a league with your other footwear? If yes, go ahead, if no, I'd pass them by.
  12. I say only buy them if you're willing to have your cobbler put a small thin sole protector on the bottom. This way, you'll be able to wear them for as long as the straps hold out. The problem with most shoes (manolos included) are that the soles are so thin that if they get wet once they're practically ruined and it goes downhill from there.

    I do spend $6-700 on a pair of good Manolos or Chanel pumps if they're classic and something I can wear for a few years, because I buy enough shoes that I can alternate and they end up lasting a long time.

    So, I say go for it. Life is short, and you don't want to be like Clarice Starling, right? (Silence of the Lambs). Expensive bag, cheap footware! lol.

    Buy 'em! And enjoy. Post pics, though!:yes: :heart:
  13. I'm with Quinn's Mom; I destroy shoes each season since I'm a college student and walk back and forth to class constantly. I have maybe one or two pairs of shoes that I save for weekends (the nice ones!), and three to four pairs of $60-$180 shoes for school use but that's it. Maybe when I'm older pricier shoes will be more appropriate for my life :biggrin: Until then, I'll have to be the Clarice Starling of the group ;)

    If you love them, and you are dead set on them, you might as well go ahead and get them, because you'll regret it later if you don't...or in my case, I tend to labor over a buying decision that in my mind I've already made :biggrin: I'm assuming that since you really like them, you'll wear them plenty, so go for it!
  14. Just imagine yourself stepping into a crack in the pavement (my favorite trick!) and ripping up the heel. That should cure you right there of any thought of buying them!
  15. If these shoes represent 20% the cost of a bag, and say we figure any bag is good for 25+ years, then you should be able to wear these shoes pretty regularly for 5 years to make it worth shelling out that kind of $$ for them.

    I also think that strappy sandals are not quite so durable as pumps, and definitely nowhere near so durable as a handbag, so I am not seeing the value/$ relationship play out here the way I would like.

    Save for the bags!