Oh-five, oh-MY an Apple First -- smooshy gooshy goodness!!

  1. Please welcome my newest BBag family member:

    :yahoo: Ms Apple First :yahoo:

    I have now scratched off #2 on my HG list:

    1. 05 Pewter First - check!
    2. 05 Apple First - check!
    3. 05 Turqey Work - :search:
    4. 05/07 Magenta City - there could be one with my name on it somewhere between Cali and NYNY :whistle:
  2. and from behind: :cutesy:

  3. and with a granny smith green apple :greengrin:

  4. Love it, love it, love it! You make me want to buy color -- and not just boring black! Enjoy.
  5. WOW! CONGRATS! BEAUTIFUL! hope you find the rest on your HG list! best of luck! :tup::heart:
  6. I love these bright colors in the First style and i keep dreaming about the Violet in the First too. :drool:Your bag is so cute and gorgeous. What a great find. Congrats.:yahoo:
  7. WOW hwme... you take gorgeous shots of your new bags... LOVE IT... and the apple tOO as reference.. ~! CONGRATS!
  8. :yahoo:
    Yay! Good for you girlie! You have gotten yourself a really great bag from 05, no better leather or color than the 05's! I love all your photos too! Congratulations, and good luck on acquiring the others!
  9. Thanks Lerinda & Emy!!!

    My first bbag was an 05 black city and I instantly knew I was going want one in a vivid color :nuts:
  10. GORGEOUS!!!:love: Absolutley love her, Hmwe46!!:tender: I happen to know her little sister!;) Congrats, sweety!! :yahoo::heart:
  11. Nanaz, thanks, it's a really wonderful color!! I would love a violet or jaune first too!!! :yes:
    Oogie, thank you, I actually bough a Chloe once mostly to see it IRL and take pics :lol:
    Deana, thank you for all your support in my quest for Magenta. I think I can see a hint of hot pink on my horizon ;)
  12. It's stunning!!! Congrats!!!
  13. :nuts:

    congrats sweets...it's GORGEOUS!!!

    i'm intrigued by the magenta...
    how cool if you could get a 05 magenta after the le drama...
  14. WOW! it's totally mint! I love it, send her my way, i SWEAR i'll give it right back!! hee hee... :shame::angel:
  15. Congrats! Its stunning...