Oh, experienced LV collectors... teach me thy ways!

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  1. Ladies, I need your help. I think I have a problem. My heart does a flip for the certain bags. The Alma PM in Bleu Nuit :yahoo:...the Vernis Brea Amarante PM and MM :nuts:...the long gone but still amazing Watercolor Speedy 30 in white. Oh, they make me swoon!!!!!

    But for some reason I tend to want/feel like I should/buy "sensible" bags. I've now bought the trevi a few times and either sold her or returned her because she wasn't absolutely perfect.

    And now I'm wondering... should I just go for it and get the pretty bags instead? How do you do it? Do you have a balance of sensible durable bags and a handful of pretty ones for special use? Are all of your LV bags special use/special occasion bags?

    I need your help. I'm fairly new to LV... and I'm still trying to figure it all out.

    Here's what I currently own:

    LV Suhali Lockit PM Black (my daily bag)
    LV Sunset Boulevard Amarante (rarely used.. special occasion only)
    Chanel Classic 2.55 Caviar Medium in Black w/ GHW (brand new... still havent' used her)
    Prada BR4259 in Bambu (fabulous for any day)
    YSL Muse White
    (also used very often... huge, but super handy)

    Here's what I think I want...

    Useful/utilitarian bags:
    A monogram bag (maybe the thames PM or Mini Noe?)
    Something Azur (totally PM? Eva? Saleya PM?)
    Damier... (Trevi PM? Everyone loves theirs! She's lovely!!)
    Damier ebene eva (excellent for taking my 2 year old toddler to playground and for travel)

    Fun/pretty/glam bags:
    Brea PM or MM in Amarante (I die!!!)
    Alma PM in Bleu Nuit (fab-u-lous!!! I've always wanted an alma!!)

    For more on me... I have 2 year old I stay at home with. We run a design business and I do go to meetings regularly to see clients. I tend do be a bit more dressy for a mom even if I'm not showing up for meetings, but I do wear fitness clothing a lot when I'm w/ little one. Still look cute, tho!

    I'm petite (about 5') and am not a "big bag" person. Having said that, I NEVER use my tiny sunset boulevard or classic chanel flap because they are just too precious and so small.

    What I must carry: iphone, zippy wallet, small cosmetic pouch (or at LEAST lip gloss & lotion)

    What I fantasize about carrying (I desperately need a tote for daily use):
    all of the above plus a small pouch for a diaper & wipes... plus maybe a bottle of water.

    ((I NEED a tote desperately, but find the NF too plain, the straps on the totally PM are too long...the Hampstead MM is too large for me... the Hampstead PM seems nice but small and bulky at the same time... plus, no zip. Wondering if Saleya PM in Azur would work or a Mini Noe. Thoughts???))

    Help me. I'm having trouble building my LV collection. I'm torn between needs and wants. I see some of your collections and you are fearlessly buying pretty, delicate and limited edition pieces. You're following your hearts!

    I LOVE fashion and am a total glamour girl.. but feel like I'm confused... do I shop for LV with my heart or my head? How can I do both?

    HELP!!! Advise me.. push me... talk to me. I'm stuck.
  2. A great everyday shoulder bag is the galliera!!!

    Love the brea!!! It is such a gorgeous bag. So is the vernis Alma.
  3. i think you may get an azur bag for the upcoming spring/summer ;)
    you have a nice collection btw, congrats!
  4. You should def check out Palermo PM or GM. If you cant find out what you want - maybe you should take a break. Earn/save more money, so you really can let loose? Better to buy something you love, then something you never use. And as of the Chanel 2.55 I am shocked how can you let that beautiful bag just stay in the closet? My heart is broken. :sad:
  5. NikolineSofieK I think I'm afraid to use her! I saved and saved... and now she just sits. I'm thinking it's the color maybe? She's black - and totally useful and classic!!! I have only had it for about a month, so it's not too bad.. but still!

    And yes... maybe I should take a break. I feel like I have a good assortment but need something pretty AND useful. But I notice I'm afraid of using my bags and afraid of buying a bag that's too pretty or that I won't like in a year or 5 years... to me these are investment bags that I work hard to afford... so I'm afraid of "wasting" my money and regretting it. I feel silly fretting so much over this.
  6. Buy the pretty bag!!! :graucho: You won't regret it every time you look at its prettiness

  7. I agree. I get worried about getting bags dirty etc. They are an investment. I tend to stay toward the classic line so they will still be in style for years to come. HOWEVER I did take a risk and buy an azur galliera. For some that is no risk at all, but for me that was because I have little kids. What I learned from doing this is I will always buy what I love. It may not always be practical, but the joy from getting a bag you love home is AMAZING. I just have to be a little more careful with it, but it is worth it.

    Bottom line-try not to worry so much and BUY WHAT YOU LOVE!!
  8. Get the pretty bags! I think you have enough 'useful' bags...
    Plus, vernis isn't as delicate as one may think - aside from fingerprints, it's very sturdy.

    Get what your heart ones or else you won't be 100% happy.

    A fellow forumer said this on the Hermes thread:

    Just use what you love! All of the bags you've bought are SO useful, for different purposes. :smile: (Especially the sunset boulevard - I've seen girls work it casually, and it looks like a fiercer version of the pochette, ahah!)

    Don't be afraid. at all. That's not enjoyable. This should be an enjoyable experience.
    I'd go for what your heart calls for.
  9. What about selling her? I mean its a waste just letting her sit in the closet. So yeah, I really understand then why you get a bad feeling of spending so much money on purses that you don't dare to use. I think you should sit down and really really think about what a good bag for you would be (in my mind I think Palermo GM would be nice for you). And the Chanel 2.55 costs a lot more then most of the LV. Maybe you should go for a big bag, but to a smaller price. LV, Gucci and Prada has plenty to choose from.

    Trust me honey, you're not the only one having the dilemma on "wasting" your money on the this luxury items. I have the same so in stead I have a few cheaper purses like the LV pochettes and then a bigger one like keepall. For me that works great, I just simply can't afford of buying 5 bags and 10 wallets, like some of the girls and women here do. Well, I at least don't have the guts cause Im so afraid of regretting one week later.
  10. OP, I am a SAHM also and have struggled with the pretty vs. practical dilemma. I do have a few pieces that I save for special occasions, but in the past few years I have decided to buy what I love with the idea that I will wear it to bits.

    While some pieces are collectors items and should be protected, the fact remains that they are still things. They should be worn and enjoyed and then stored away with fond memories. HTH! ;)

  11. Well put!
  12. I think you really should get the Bleu Nuit Alma! It's the one you love! It's perfect for an evening out but also for the meetings with clients imho. As an everyday bag, check out the Palermo, cute and so versatile. Then maybe add an azur speedy or Galliera for summer. Although I love my Trevi, I don't think you should get it again. You had her more than once and it didn't work for you. Good luck!

  13. I agree! Get what you love!
  14. Follow your heart!! Bleu Nuit Alma is so nice!!

    You can't always be practical....

  15. Well said.

    OP, I'm a sahm as well and I have since come to enjoy my bags. I take care of them but I don't baby them. That is I don't get upset if it gets dirty/scratched or when my kids sticky hands touch them. I want to grow old with my bags. I buy my bags based on several factors but the main one is "Will I use it often."

    BTW, your collection is fabulous. Use you Chanel.