Oh Evander :(

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  1. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/12/sports/12sportsbriefs-holyfield.html

    Evander Holyfield’s wife, Candi, claims he hit her several times after an argument Feb. 1 about her payments to their church and has received a temporary protective order in Fayetteville, Ga. Candi Holyfield said he hit her in the face, the back of the head and her back after she refused to show him check stubs of her giving to the church, Fayette County court records say. He was concerned she was not giving to the church, the records say. Evander Holyfield did not return phone calls seeking comment.

    and if that's not enough they think Dr. Phil can help :rolleyes:
  2. Wait a minute....aren't his hands considered deadly weapons? :nogood: *sigh* What is going on with the world today?
  3. Wow...Jabbing For Jesus
  4. OMGGGGGGGG my boyfriend (well, ex as of 2 wks ago)...just played @ a poker tournament for charity during superbowl week in Miami!!!! he sat at his table and beat him!!!!! he sent me a pic by text msg! soooo weird.
  5. this wouldn't be the first time he's had domestic abuse issues....
  6. :faint:

    :lol: Ya' kill me everytime, Michie!
  7. is he sick? what a dumbazz :tdown:

    I sincerely hate guys who hit women
  8. I know :sad:
    I didn't hear about it when it happened, weird. Also I didn't know he has a history of this :tdown:
  9. LOL!!!!!
    Now, this is funny, Jabbing For Jesus, LOL!!! clasic!!!
  10. boo on him.

    'jabbing for jesus' LMFAOROFL..

  11. omg :lolots::lolots: