oh Eluxury you tease!

  1. so i logged on to eluxury just now and their front page is mostly LV. and i just loved the composition of this image so i wanted to share

    Mods: I would have put this in the "LV Sightings" thread but we have no search function and i couldnt find it :sad: please move me! x
  2. Love that hatbox :drool:
  3. oo i know that Hatbox is TDF!!
  4. Love those wedges! They are too cute!
  5. OHH, I love that hatbox. I'm thinking I need a fancy piece like that...
  6. Eluxury does a great job on teasing us right...
  7. beautiful image!
  8. That def is a great photo! LOVE that hatbox!
  9. did they discontinue the croisette PM already? I only see the GM.
  10. I know, I just stare and drool everytime elux loads, lol.
  11. It truly IS a tease, as alot of the things Elux has in their photo displays they don't carry, lol !!!!!
  12. Me to... :yes:
  13. ^ same!
    after i saw that i decided... i must get one HAHAHA