Oh didn't like SPY bags until today....

  1. FendiSpy.jpg
  2. Oo. Haven't seen that version of the Fendi Spy before. I agree very hot =D I just seriously wish that Fendi decided to change that handle. I swear once you put too many things in its gonna dig into your shoulder. But I wouldnt know lol. I don't have one haha!
  3. Wow!!! $4,310 for a bag. It'd better be a good looking bag. LOL.....
  4. Lovley...:heart:

    Might think of adding it to my wish list...:idea::hrmm::lol:
  5. They did have this bag on bluefly, not sure if they do anymore. It might go on sale someday!

    BTW, I have never had a problem with the handles and I put quite a lot in it sometimes.