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  1. Does anyone know how their sizing runs? I am a size 7 1/2, but bought a 8 b/c heard they run small. also, are they comfortable?
  2. I wear a 6 to 61/2 and I went with a 6 I had read they ran big (Zappos reviews). They are not comfortable at all, I have been trying to stretch them out, I don't have a particularly wide foot either. I have the closed toe loubou knockoff, they are pretty fabulous just not comfortable. I still like them.
  3. thanks! hopefully if mine are too big, i can just get some hell grips for them.
  4. I ordered their peep toe suede platforms and the patent leather closed toe platforms both half a size larger and it worked out fine. I prefer adding a little padding or foot petals in order to get the most comfortable fit, instead of it being too tight, which is what I heard also.
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