Oh Deer shoes

  1. Does anyone have any of these? How is the quality? Are they actual leather? To me they are blatant copies of C. Louboutins right down to the red soles. I am thinking of getting a couple of pairs for when I go clubbing and don't want to ruin my real CL's. Here is the website: http://www.ohdeershoes.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=73_175
  2. I agree with you, blatant copies of CL's. Especially the red soles, that's probably the draw, because a lot of the shoes out there now are looking more and more like CL's.
  3. I have seen these shoes and wondered how they are compared to CL's. They often have styles that CL is sold out on already.
  4. I agree with all the Zappos reviews that they run narrow through the toe area. I got mine stretched out by my show guy and they work for me. The quality is good in my view. My favs from my collection are the glitter ones.
  5. ^^^ Oh I like those. How do you find they fit? Are they true to size? Thanks.
  6. I have two pairs of CLs and 1 pair of Oh Deer!s (The Garbo in red). They fit the same as CL. Go 1/2 size up. The leather is not as good and they are not padded in the soles like CLs. But like you I needed a "fun" pair that I don't mind if someone steps on them in a bar.
  7. I am a GOOD shoe fanatic and recently went to one of my favorite high end boutiques and was looking at their newest shoe collection, my eye went straight toward a pair of shoes in the middle thinking they were CL's- the SA knows me and said 'aren't they gorgeous' we call them our disposable shoe line and explained that they were Oh Deers- I bought 2 pairs because they were so cheap and 'in the moment' felt if I couldn't tell the difference no one else would. I felt alittle squeamish later that day feeling like I just bought low quality fakes (like a fake bag-ugh- Not something I would ever do)- HOWEVER just today I was in Neiman's with my daughter who said hey Mom there's your shoes- they were the real CL's and I have to tell you they look VERY similar and were $770 as compared to my knock around $110 Oh Deer's......I now feel better about my disposable shoes :biggrin:
  8. I have 5 pairs and they all run a bit narrow near the toe area in my opinion. Many Zappos customers wrote reviews saying the same thing. I just got the toe area stretched out by my shoe repair shop and all is well. Beyond that they fit try to size. I got most of them on sale for like $70-$80.
  9. I found the "Garbos" on shoebuy.com for $59 with free shipping. It's worth a shot. I will let you know my review when I get them. Thanks for all your input ladies. :smile:
  10. Great quality, but ridiculously narrow! Jeffrey Campbell also makes platform pumps with red soles. Lesser quality but more comfort.

    CL certainly does not have a lock on red soles, that's for sure. I gave my CL Bruges away to my sister because of all of the copies out there.
  11. i have 2 pairs and they are not comfortable at all. of course, the CL that i had, they weren't all that comfy either, but i think that was more due to the height of the heel. Oh Deer runs very narrow. but, they are cute and affordable.

    i've got to say, i too feel embarassed though when i wear them, like i have a fake bag or something (which i am sooo against). funny how we have double standards for shoes...lol oh well.
  12. I have the "Audrey"..I bought them at Zappos last year...They are a bit narrow...but mine stretched on their own..I love them...but don't wear them too often...:p
  13. OMG that is my fear too. I guess I will see when I get mine.
  14. I have 2 pairs of CLs and got the oh deer garbo patent on sale for $40. They are really comfortable! I went out clubbing and my feet didn't hurt the whole night! But they run small so i had to return it and get a half size bigger. Patents run half size smaller, but i don't now about leather.
    It is more comfortable than my CL prive patent slingbacks IMO... keeps on slipping!
  15. I love Oh Deers. The quality is exceptional, and as I simply refuse to spend $700+ on shoes, they're a great CL alternative. As far as being 'fakes', I don't know if I'd consider them fakes. It's not like they're called 'Tristan Bouloutin' or something like that, and when I wear them I'm not pretending to wear CLs. I just accept them as they are.