Oh Deer Pralines?

  1. Does anyone have these or has tried them on? Are they comfy? I have the Marilyns and I'm interested in these, but I'm worried the patent leather might make them feel more pinchy :shrugs: ...

  2. I ordered the taupe ones the other week. I can take pics of them on and give a comfort/sizing review if you want? But I won't be getting them for another 1-2 weeks b/c they have to be shipped to me in the UK.
  3. ^ That would be wonderful!!! Thank you! :smile:
  4. ooooh! those look nice!
  5. i actually bought a pair of these about a month ago to wear out for my birthday! the heel is pretty high (i believe it's a four inch heel, and i'm 5'10" so i didn't really need the extra height!) and they were fairly comfortable. i wouldn't suggest wearing them if you plan on doing any drinking (i learned the hard way LOL). after a few hours my feet were aching, but they did look really cute on! i found they run true to size and they also look really adorable with a pair of black tights or leggings.
  6. i have the taupe- i love them! looking for the black and cant find them ANYWHERE
  7. I purchased in taupe a few months back. When I got them, I was very disappointed. I thought the looked and felt cheap. I ended up returning them.
  8. I have the taupe - I love them! They are not super-comfortable, but they're not torturous either!
  9. i pad mine and don't find them too bad. anyone seen them in black? (size 7 or 7.5)