Oh! Deer Jamocha - 40 percent off sale price

  1. I know that it's not a luxury shoe, but I was really liking the Oh! Deer Jamocha. They are $123.95 at Zappo's, but I found them for $53.99 at lovemyshoes.com. In fact, I bought four pair of shoes for $119 (used the coupon code Fortyoff and even got 40 percent off their sale shoes). In order, the Oh! Deer Jamocha, Henry w Zebra Heel by Jessica Simpson ($23.98), Jitter Bug by Nina ($25.19), and Anne Michelle round toe Mary Jane in silver ($11.98!!).

    I thought there might be someone around who is just looking for good deals on everyday shoes!
    Oh Deer Jamocha.jpg Henry Zebra.jpg Jitter Bug.jpg Anne Michelle.jpg
  2. oh I like the first one!
  3. Thanks for the code! They have a pair of Oh Deer! Kate's that I have been looking for!! So excited!
  4. code is over :sad: I want to get a pair!
  5. Rhondafaye-- you've got some sassy shoes! :lol:

    Sorry, I'm just laughing at myself for using the word "sassy"! Seriously though, I always like the shoes you post! :tup:
  6. Are these shoes comfortable?
  7. the pair i had were the most uncomfortable shoes i've ever worn. i wore them once for a few hours and now they're just sitting in my closet. it's kind of ironic since they claim their shoes are so comfortable!