Oh Dear

  1. Well, I am in Florida right now and today while I was in this tight little isle at a small store this women bumps into me with a hanger and I immediately knew what happened. As she walked away from me I looked down at my gorgeous Kelly to see that it was wearing a scratch right across the front under the hardware. :sad: Needless to say DH went off on me on how I should not have had it with me yada, yada, yada, :boxing:I say.. .:lecture:

    Its not a big long scratch but one that is noticeable. Do you think a Spa treatment will remove this or am I just screwed?? Thanks for your advice...

    Scratched and broken hearted in Florida with Kelly...:crybaby:
  2. Geeze thats awful,What type of leather is your Kelly?
  3. It is Clemence (sp?)
  4. Oh no Jean, that´s awful.
  5. Hi Amamxr, in our dear HG's leather book, it's stated that Clemence can be refurbished to as good as new. If the scratch is not too deep, I'm sure it will come off after a visit to the H hospital :smile:

    HG's Leather Book - Post #6 Clemence
  6. *hugs* :heart: :heart: :heart:
  7. So sad! Take it in & have them look it over! :heart:
  8. So sorry to hear it.
  9. Oh thank you... this gives me hope. I will take it to Houston when I get back for a little R&R at the Hermes Spa..
  10. I hope it gets some love and repair!! (Where in Fl are you ???)
  11. Tampa..and the weather has been cooperating and gorgeous...
  12. amamxr, don't panic!! I found a scratch on the front of my clemence bolide...never had noticed it before. My bolide is black and I used some John Lobb cream ( made by Hermes ) rubbed it into the scratch gently....and you cannot see the scratch now.

    I use the John Lobb products on my own bags to condition them when they need it.

    So, if I can do this with my own Bolide, after a trip to the Hermes spa your gorgey Kelly will look fabulous!

    As for wearing it to the store, why not? Hermes is a part of our lives and should go everywhere with us.....almost.
  13. What a bummer! Bags are to be used and enjoyed.

    As long as it is a scratch and not a major gouge you will be fine. Regardless of what the damage is it can be improved!!!

    Keep smiling!

    Congratulations on being chosen as a new mod as well!!!
  14. Yes, you are so right. I will try the John Lobb leather conditioner as mentioned in this thread first and see how it goes.

    Thank you...:heart:
  15. Amamxr,
    I like what isus said about them being part of our lives and going (almost) everywhere.

    I have absolutely nothing to add, except that I'm so sorry. I know how the first scratch always makes me feel. I know they'll fix you right up in Houston.