Oh dear....

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  1. ... I appear to have done a Chaz....
  2. ... and sneaked off to acquire another handbag ....
  3. ... meet black Mini Mabel :heart:


  4. Congrats...on your new Mabel. Looks Fab.
  5. Oh, so you have! Hope you got it at the sale price! Congrats, it looks great. New handbag fever is spreading!!
  6. Hahaha!! Congratulations!!! What a lil cutie!!! Feels good getting something on the quiet and then having a big share fest after does'nt it??!!!!!

    I'm a bit worried I'm getting a wee bit notorious for sneaky purchases now!!

  7. Notorious!!! We call you Sneaky Chaz you know.......:lol:
  8. Way to go and congrats!!!! Looks great! We all have to be sneaky every now and then!
  9. Chaz - tee hee! Yes, being sneaky does feel good.... but I won't be making a habit of it :nogood:

    sarajane - it was £310, minus my £50 voucher, so £260 in proper money. I guess it's not as cheap as I'd have liked (£450 RRP) but I've not been able to stop thinking about it since I tried it on on Sunday.

    It's funny how I've done an about-turn on the mini Mabel - I really thought it would be too small but that's only as a day bag. As an evening bag, it's ideal. I've got a few nights out on the horizon :yahoo:and this bag will be perfect for all of them :yes:
  10. That's not a bad price. I saw the red & black at John Lewis & was tempted by the red but really I've set my heart on the medium one. It's a great evening bag & a brilliant size for a summer bag, particularly on holiday when you're not carrying everyday stuff.
  11. Very cute with a LBD.
  12. Or, in my case, a BBD.
  13. SJ you are on form today , hope you get that mabel soooooon or you will go cold turkey.
  14. It's gorgeous, looks fab on you.
  15. Congrats Dita, It looks great and really suits you.Great idea to use it as an evening bag