Oh dear

  1. Unfotunately a black Annie fell into my shopping basket on the Mulberry website. Ooops.
  2. Funny, after reading your previous post regarding further reductions, an Indigo E/W Bayswater fell into mine too!!!

    A little worried though as I'm away from next Weds for 3 days, I know UPS only try to deliver up to 3 times??
  3. :lol: I just love it when things just fall into my basket too - congratulations on your Annie! Looking forward to pics!
  4. Congrats on your Annie!!!! I got one too and its divine!!!! (what bag ban????)

    Funny,but I have a basket like that,now if I could just find a way to market that on e-bay I'd be a millionaire!!!
  5. My Stam arrived this morning and I don't like it :sad: so an Annie fell into my basket, too :lol:

    Does anyone else think they deliberately got the prices wrong on Christmas day?!
  6. i thought the prices had changed whats all that about??

    If you ask for your UPS number and phone them you can arrange a different day just telll them you won't be in.
  7. Hooray for the Annie!!!!
  8. After my pink Hanover disappointment I'm really tempted by a black Annie - especially at that price! I've already got a black Alana - am I mad in thinking about buying Annie too? Got to make a quick decision before they all go.
  9. Sarajane I've now got,

    an Annie choc and tan , pink Hanover,tan phoebe, brown and pink Ledbury and EW indigo Bayswater (arriving shortly)
    for me though, I still love the Annie, and for under £300 I think it will last for ever and prove it's weight in gold (tempted myself). It's just a great looking bag and holds it's shape well and although a little big for me you can half fill it and it still holds it's shape.
    I also think the classic black won't date, my head and heart would say treat yourself!!!
  10. SJ, I'd agree with rachiem. As the Phoebe seems to work so well for you, the Annie would probably work really well, too. They'll never be less than half price at the outlets - and look how long it took for the Phoebe to come down to half price.

    You can always return it if it's not perfect for you - and, as it's from the website, you'll get a refund rather than an exchange.

    Having said all that, you don't really need another black bag as you've got the Alana; it's one step further away from the pink or brown Hanover or red Mabel that you really want; and you're possibly just being tempted because it's half price. It's OK to let some of the bargains go (she says, eyeing the indigo EWB!!)
  11. Hahahahha!!Too funny!!! I just think 'oh what the hell' the styles are so dateless,its not like wasting money on a must have seasonal 'it' bag,so I think whenever you get any one of the ones you are eyeing up in a different order than you planned,they'll never go 'out' by the time you do snare one!!! I'd get on Sarajane,and good point,if you get it off the website you can have a refund in stead of an exchange!!!

    Do it now and don't miss out,you can always get your money back,but if you do it this way you will have the luxury of time while you are deciding!!!! :tup:
  12. Ditab, you're like a wise owl! How right you are, I'm worried I'm being tempted purely because of the price.
    Rachiem - It is such a fab price and a classic bag. I know I would love it!

    Guess it's just a case of the guilts as I really don't need another black bag although I would really like one. Still dithering......
  13. Do it!! You can always return it for a refund this time!!!!:tup:
  14. OK no longer dithering. I've bought one too!

    It can always go back if I really don't love it but, somehow, I think I will.....!
  15. Funny how the Annie is cheaper than it was in the sale preview. Mr GiW despairs of me.