OH dear.....

  1. Hi everybody! I havent been on in awhile. We have been moving. What a job!! Any way... I have a denim patchwork demi and on one of the patches a stitch has come loose. It has actually pulled out of the patch. If that makes sense. LOL So now one of the patches has a loose stitch that is sticking up and looks frayed. Do you think Coach will repair this??? Its only one little stitch and it doesnt look terrible but if they will fix it I would like to have it fixed so it doesnt get any worse.
  2. i would think that they would fix this, no problem.
  3. Send it in to see if it can be fixed. Coach can't always fix bags, but if they can't they usually do offer some sort of replacement or refund.
  4. So you dont think this is too minor??
  5. I think if theres a flaw no matter its not too minor if you pay these prices for something.
  6. ^^
    Exactly. Definitely send it in.