Oh Dear !

  1. I presume she is still off the drugs, which is a good thing. :s

  2. :wtf:
  3. She looks pretty drugged up to me....ick!!
  4. whats up with her boobs?
  5. Unreal.

    I was not expecting this monstrosity when I clicked on the thread.
  7. I used to love her so much. What happened?
  8. WTF!!!

    At least her dress is chastely glued to her nips.
  9. ok....not cute
  10. eeeeeeeew!
  11. Wow that is pretty funny. She decided to wrap up in a curtain. She looks very drugged.
  12. oh good god .......
  13. Train wreck
  14. she looked better when she was on drugs if this is what happens off of them.
  15. Oh dear. It looks as if her dress is trying to get away from her breasts......or maybe her breasts are trying to get away from the dress, they are both equally vulgar. :wtf: