Oh dear...which to choose? Love them both!!

  1. OK..so I just received my Jimmy Choo pumps the other day, and I love them. But, I am not sure yet how comfortable they are going to turn out to be.......

    However, I also keep checking out the Manolo Blahnik "Blixa" as well. Slightly higher heel on these...and I tend to be on my feet A LOT at work.

    I am looking for a high quality pair of basic black pumps for work...and am wondering if any of you have either or both of these pair of shoes? If so, which do you recommend, and why? Comfort? Quality? Any recommendations on size? I usually wear a 7.5.......

    Thanks to all! Please help me, or else I might buy them both.........:graucho:
    NMX8519_mn.jpg BGX9905_an.jpg
  2. I don't have that exact shoe but do have the slingback version and have to say they are the most comfortable heels I've ever worn. I've never got on with MB as they are just too narrow for me but Choo's are perfect
  3. I have the Choos in tan. I have kind of wide feet (or the start of hereditary bunions-thanks a lot mom!) and they definitely rub in some spots near the toe area. They are not the most comfortable for me because of that. I'm still breaking them in though. If your feet are normal width they may be ok. I love the height of the heel for walking. It is not too high so they are good for if you'll be on your feet for longer periods of time.
    I am always amazed at how many compliments I get on these shoes. I had a pair of Nine West pumps in tan that I loved and wore to death. I looked for a similar pair for about a year with no luck. I didn't want to spend that much but I just couldn't find a pair of plain pumps in the right color of tan so I sprang for the Choos. They are just plain pumps but people compliment them all the time!