Oh dear, this is dangerous! Elux is offering "Bill Me Later" option.

  1. Did you see Elux is offering a new feature "Bill Me Later" option? They let you have 90 days to complete payment, but be careful of the finance charge if you don' finish your payment by 90 days.

    Read their terms and conditions very carefully. Also, it's operated by Citibank. SCAAAAAARY........:s
  2. lol if they shipped to canada, this would not work out well for me AT ALL
  3. Goodness, we are on are way to getting swindled! How am I goig to avoid this one? :push:
  4. I did some research and looks like BML is a scam! any experiences?

    I had them for Earthlink internet service once and they were charging left and right for things I didn't even do or whatever.

    I had canceled my Earthlink- actually never even ended up using it... and they had charged me for MONTHS after I canceled it!

    It took so much teeth pulling for them to get off my back and accept that I had canceled... And to this day I think that is the number one reason my credit is so screwed up!

    I'd say no to it... Don't give in.

    Alot of others have had bad experiences with them also.
  6. Boy oh boy...I sure am glad I learned this lesson young! :sweatdrop:
  7. I've heard a lot of bad things about bill me later, like them calling you before the due date many times till you pay.
  8. I have done 90 days same as cash for big ticket items and I just got an envelope and in that time I saved up the $, then paid in full before the due date. If you use it the right way its not a bad thing in that the item may be gone when you finally save the $ for it. You just cant abuse it. But each deal is different read your fine print.

    Wonder if their sales are so slow that they are looking for new ways to get people to buy? Also could be why they are being so hard with returns lately and not accepting some.
  9. I have used Bill Me Later and never had a problem. Whoops. I just realized I can't give the site where I shopped ~ but I actually like that option when shopping places offer it.
  10. It's a great offer if you're certain you can pay it off before the 90 days is up!
  11. I've read that the economy has taken a downturn lately. I'm sure the BML program is a tactic to entice people who are reluctant or unable to buy. I would be very hesitant to use something like that. I would rather use my personal credit card and pay over a couple of months if it came down to it. Another issue is that Bill Me Later is "subject to credit approval." That means you are applying for a line of credit the same as if you were taking out a loan. We all know that applying for any additional line of credit will affect your credit rating.

    I'll agree it could be worth it if it was the only way you could get an LE piece that wasn't going to be available in a few months.
  12. If its used as its meant to be, where one pays the entire balance off within 90 days, its a great way of buying a nice bag and spreading the cost out over several months. There must be a large enough percentage of buyers who fail to pay the balance within 90 days that makes this worthwhile for the companies to make these offers; otherwise, they would be losing money and would stop it. One needs to be careful and not buy over their means though, just because you can spread it out over several months, one needs to ask, if they had saved the cash up would they be buying the same bag?
  13. I think this is a very good point. Credit inquiries stay on your credit report for two years in the US. Using an existing, personal cc would be a better option if you had to have it right away. :smile:
  14. i've used BML as well and never had any problems. just make sure to pay it off before 90 days is up. just made a purchase through elux (Pomme pochette cles with nameplate) on saturday morning, it was shipped the same day and will be getting it tuesday. i didn't make a big purchase because i was just trying to see if it really works, and it does. :woohoo:

    i purchased numerous things from bluefly.com using BML and even returns/exchange worked fine without any hassle. :tup:

    i did make a big purchase on walmart.com and when i returned it at the store, they gave me cash and it was all up to me to keep the cash or pay it to BML. of course, i paid it back to BML. :wlae:
  15. Im kinda clueless about this whole bml thing. Do you have to open some kind of credit card in order to use the bill me later option? tia!