Oh dear, this can't be normal

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  1. I ordered a medium ultimate soft from Saks at the end of October and a few days ago I noticed that the stitching on one of the leather straps on the chains is coming undone. The leather itself was coming out from under the chain but I was able to tuck it back under. I understand that friction from the chain on the leather will probably wear down the stitching and cause it to fray, but in two months? I don't think so.
    I have the receipt which says I have 60 days to return, but I just want to exchange it for a new bag, however I won't be able to get to a Saks until the end of January. It's not the store the bag was ordered from, but provided the bag is in stock at the SF store, I don't think that should be a problem? Has anyone ever had to exchange a bag at Saks for a defect before? Was it problematic?
    Here's a few pictures of the defective strap (1&2) versus the normal one (3&4). Because I was able to tuck the ends of the leather back under the chain, the bad strap doesn't look as alarming as it initially did. I nearly had a fit when I first noticed it!
    unwravledbag.JPG unwravledbag2.JPG normalstrap.JPG normalstrap2.JPG
  2. I have returned things to Saks far beyond their 30 day policy; and I'm talking about Chanel bags. In fact, I have to return a few things and one of them dates back to April, so....... walk in, show them the damage and ask for what it is you want. For the price, that is unacceptable. Good luck.
  3. yes and if the SA doesn't help you, politely but assertively ask to speak w/ the mgr. If they don't want to lose the sale, they will help you any way they can. GL!!:yes:
  4. Nope, not normal. I've had bags, even newer ones that don't do that and I've had them all at least 6+ months.

    If the SA doesn't help, go to the manager, if the manager doesn't help, go to customer service. I had an issue with Saks last month and the SAs were awful (manager included) and then I went to CS directly and wouldn't you know, it got resolved immidiately. Don't know what store you bought it from but Jackie in the SF customer service department is awesome.
  5. Keep us posted with how it goes.
  6. Well, I did a charge-send from the 5th ave store, but apparently, it was not in stock (even though they said it was) and it shipped from one in so cal, so I wouldn't even know what store to call.
    I think I will call the SF customer service dept tomorrow and explain what happened, etc and make sure they have a bag in stock to exchange, or see if they can order one so I won't have to ship anything and wait. I'm hoping there will be new camellia wallets in stock so I can pick one up at the same time heh.
    Edit: I live in Reno, which is 4ish hours from the nearest store (SF), so my goal is to have this all taken care of in one trip with no shipping involved. When I initially ordered the bag, the SA had my name and address correct, but I guess when the order needed to be shipped from so cal, the next SA to get my information not only spelled my last name wrong, but neglected to put down my apartment number so the complex office wasn't able to hold my package for me and I had to frantically call FedEx to get everything fixed before they returned the bag to wherever it was from. Therefore I don't trust shipping. Thanks, Saks!