Oh, dear...no new Paddington for me....

  1. I had a khaki Paddington (I know some of you didn't like that color) on pre-order from Sophisticated Spirit. Lynda just called me to say it was damaged in shipment and she refused delivery of it. She's already credited my charge card but I am sad. I really wanted a green Paddington. I'm angry at myself for not moving faster when NM had the bottle green earlier this year and now I missed out on the khaki!:sad2:

    I know that means I'll pay off my other bills faster (let's see....the Goyard that arrived at Barneys today....the Devi Kroell that shipped to me today....the Balenciaga I really want....). I'm hardly deprived. Just spoiled and sad.....

    BUT!!!!!! Lynda could not have been more accomodating and professional! I did ask her to keep an eye out for another green of any hue and I really feel comfortable working with her. FYI!
  2. Great! I've heard mixed things about that place. Glad to hear that they are probably not true :biggrin: Congrats on all the new bags!
  3. Awww thats sad Issmom ... I love SS customer service. Lynda is nice to speak with and that means alot. Enjoy the bags that are arriving.:love:
  4. I am a firm believer in what happens was meant to be....something is going to come along soon and you are going to be so glad that the khaki one didn't work out. ;)
  5. Aww, I bet the khaki paddy would have been nice to have! But it sounds like you're getting some nice new bags soon :love:
  6. Well,... the bag is "in spirit" for a reason and another gorgeous bag is coming your way!!
  7. it just wasnt meant to be that is all , there is all ways more
  8. Issmom, now you will be able to get a great spring Paddy! I hear they are coming out with some new colors. There are new styles too. I am going over to Chloe tomorrow; I will let you know if they have look books with the spring colors.
  9. ^^ FendiBagLady -- yes, yes, please! That would be lovely if you could report back. I heard rumor about greens but I don't know where they lie in the spectrum between the khaki and bottle greens that I've seen. Tomorrow I have a particularly icky doctor's appointment so I'd love some happy news!
  10. aw man i was hoping you could have confirmed for us all if it was 100 percent auth!
  11. No problem Issmom! I plan to go by Chloe after work if I finish up arraignments at a reasonable hour...nothing like a little chic Chloe after a day in the jails and the criminal courts!

    I don;t know which colors they will have but I was told by the SA that they WILL have new colors...
  12. Again ... I seem to be the odd one who doesn't really care for the Paddington bag. This is my latest 'covet' bag ... I want this one SO bad, but I just got (yet again) another Balenciaga Office bag (and - yes - the husband doesn't know about it YET), so I need to lay low for a bit.

    But, I must admit, the Silver Metallic Large Paddington Tote on Net-A-Porter is pretty nice -

    Bronze Silverado Tote.jpg Metallic Paddington Tote.jpg