Oh dear - Madonna has been working out too hard!

  1. What on earth has happened to Madonna, I think she has been working out a bit too much.
    Madonna1.jpg Madonna2.jpg
  2. Yikes!
  3. Good for her if she's happy!! It's better than half the other celebrities who starve themselves to death and look half dead.
  4. Its a bit much though don't you think. I mean she's always worked out a lot but she used to look really toned rather than muscular.
  5. ^ITA. Madonna always had the ability to look toned AND feminine at the same time without being too thin. Not anymore.
  6. I think she looks great. A lot of it is the outfit. Here she looks muscular because the shirt exposes her whole arm. If she had short-sleeves on she would look the same as she always did.

    Good for her for being near (?) 50 and so healthy.
  7. I think she looks great!
  8. IMO, it is a bit excessive.
  9. She is muscly but she looks so good for her age.
  10. Wow!
  11. She's a little overly muscular but it's not like she looks like that guy on the Bow Flex commercials so I see nothing wrong.
  12. well, it's not how I would like to look, but I agree that it is better than starving herself, she's always been really health conscious and its clear she is taking care of her body.
  13. I love how she looks and don't think she looks too muscular whatsoever. It may be those pictures, but kudos to her. I hope to look like that when I am close to her age.
  14. Have you ever seen the body of an aging ballerina? She has the same body type because she's also a dancer.
  15. I'm not sure how much is horrible tabloid pic vs how she really looks.
    I think for a gal approaching 50 - she friggin rocks!
    Wish I had a body 1/2 as fit as hers