1. :yahoo: I justified it all becasue of the free shipping - and I'm returning two of my Friends and Family purchases - PLUS I phoned in an order for the Legacy Leather Whiskey Slim Flap. They still have them in Black, White and Whiskkey I believe - Style # is 10327.
    I think I'm crazy for being SO obsessed!!!

  2. i dont see anything lol
  3. Me neither...
  4. I really want to share your joy but I don't see anything either
  5. I see it!:search:
    joking, i really don't see anything either but i want to - please repost! :p
  6. Oh wow that is BEAUTIFUL!!! haha jkjk Dont see it...Please repost it I wanna see!!!!
  7. It sounds great! Can't wait to see unbroken pictures. :smile:
  8. Me too!

  10. My curiosity is killing me!! What did you order?????
  11. i know right.. me too!!!
  12. Girls...if you right-click on those red X's and then click Open Link, it'll link you to Coach's site. She posted the links to what she bought. She got some good stuff! :yes:
  13. I don't even see any red X's :confused1:
  14. That's a whole lot a Legacy!!!
  15. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Wow am I an idiot - Sorry ladies.