Oh Dear: Johnny Depp's Little Girl In Hospital **UPDATE**

  1. Thu, 03/08/2007 - 12:05am
    We are sad to report that Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis' daughter, Lily-Rose, is quite sick. The actor and his girlfriend have apparently been with their 7-year-old daughter in the hospital for the past 9 days and her condition has been described as "serious." Johnny has understandably postponed filming on his new movie until his daughter is in a better condition. There is no word as to the specifics of Lily-Rose's sickness, but we hope for a full and speedy recovery.

  2. Oh my! i hope she's okay, my heart goes out to them .
  3. Johnny Depp's seven-year-old daughter Lily-Rose is seriously ill in an English hospital, according to British newspaper Daily Mirror. The actor, 43, and his partner Vanessa Paradis, 34, are holding a vigil at the child's bedside after she was struck down by the undisclosed illness nine days ago.
    The Mirror claims it knows what medical condition Lily-Rose is suffering from, but have decided to withhold it from the press out of respect for the privacy of Depp's family. Depp had been filming Sweeney Todd in London and Buckinghamshire when his daughter was rushed to hospital last week.
    A hospital source says, "He has not asked for any special favors but just wants the best for his child, like any parent. It is such a difficult time for him but he is hanging in there for the sake of his daughter and the whole family is just praying that she gets better. They are taking each day as it comes. It's been an emotional rollercoaster for all of them and he's been worrying himself silly. He's a devoted dad and is spending as much time as he can with Lily."
    Depp and French model/actress Paradis also have a four-year-old son Jack.
  4. I hope she'll be okay...
  5. I hope and pray for a speedy recovery for their daughter.
  6. I hope she's gonna be OK soon. My heart goes with them. There's nothing worse than a sickness of a child.
  7. This is very sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to them and I am wishing for a full recovery.
  8. My heart goes out to them, I just love Johnny!!! They seem like such a wonderful family and I hope that Lily Rose makes a full recovery!!!
  9. That is so scary for a parent. In this day and age, you almost have to be close to death to be kept for any period of time in the hospital. Hope her recovery is swift.
  10. oh how scary! I can't stand to see my babies sick. . . to be so ill to need this kind of treatment must be harrowing.
  11. This is awful. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family and especially his little daughter.
  12. I can only imagine what the parents are going through..... God i pray for her.

    Apparently she is not responding to the medication.
  13. Oh no, I feel so bad for them. I hope she gets well soon..
  14. I hope she'll be okay. :sad: