Oh dear...I saw someone holding this LV and fell in love

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  1. http://images.eluxury.com/assets_server/product/10192050/p10192050_ph_hero.jpg">

    It's a hand bag - but it looked so cute!!!:drool:
  2. what is it??
  3. agree with bagsnbags, what i sit? I can't see anything!
  4. The ellipse? Yes, it's a very pretty bag!
  5. I copy and pasted the right part of it in my Address bar, the name of the bag is the Monogram Ellipse
  6. Ellipse
  7. Yup! Sorry :smile: that's it! I just loved the way the smaller one looks on another girl! Now I want one on this girl! LOL
  8. The Ellipse is really cute, seems to work well on a lot of different people, too! :biggrin:
  9. definitely on my want list!!!
    I think it's very pretty and dainty to carry!
  10. Monogram Ellipse.. I'm carrying mine again, I love this bag.
    Thanks again to Irene for modeling this bag and making it look so HOT! Thanks to Lvbabydoll (rebecca) for showing me pic's of how much this bag can really hold.

    One of my *FAV* bags
  11. Awesome bag...

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  12. The Ellipse is a cute bag! But I'm not sure if it'd be a hassle storing your stuff because of its shape! I remember someone posting pics of things in her Ellipse..
  13. You look great with that bag Bag Fetish! What are the little green accesories inside?? They look intriguing!!:yes:
  14. Bag Fetish, thanks for posting the awesome pics :flowers:
    And I totally agree that Ellipse is really cutie :tender:
  15. Makeup bag filled with small items,
    Mono PTI wallet
    Mono Cles,
    Mc agenda

    and i have had 2 cell phones, b'fs keys and wallet in there with no problem.

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