oh dear! i don't mean to beat a dead bag, i mean horse...but....

  1. Ladies,,,forgive my going over this and over this...but, see, thing is, i LIVE in blue jeans......i should have said that before you all were so gracious as to take the time to answer me re: color transfer on my new white caviar jumbo flap..................will blue jeans cause a prob? (i dry clean most of them....) :s :confused1:
  2. I think the dye on jeans is really strong.. which explains the easy color transfer. I had my color transfer mostly on very smooth leather bags.. I am not too sure about caviar leather though.. it does seem a little more durable than smooth squashy leathers imo :yes:

    I have read somewhere on the internet that some leather cleaners can take the dye transfer from jeans away from the bag. But that was some time ago.. and i cant remember where exactly did i read that. :p Anyone else can confirm this?
  3. I think that as long as you're jeans aren't brank spanking new you should be fine. Can you buy a cheap white leather bag and do a little trial run?
  4. Yes - even a leather conditioner should help with that - you may not need to use an actual cleaner (some of those can be harsh to the leather if not used properly)

    Lyxol makes a great conditioner that often gets the indigo dye used in jeans out of my bags.
  5. if you wear dark wash and don't launder them {you said you dry clean} then there's a ver strong chance of color transfer IMO.
    If you have laundered your jeans at least once or twice and they're not super dark you should be fine I think.
  6. I also wear jeans most of the time and I haven't had a problem with the white caviar.
  7. ^^ That's good to know. Thanks!
  8. thank you sooooooooooo much girls!...but, just found out my SA CAN get in the dark blue Jumbo caviar tote (its called Dark Blue but is really the tealish color of the blue Coco Cabas) gorgeous color!!!! of course this wasnt meant to be an everyday bag anyway, i am a big bag girl, i bought this Jumbo because of the classicness and it was a pleasant change, size-wise, from all my big ones........

    oh no! what to do now?
    PS even though excellent dry cleaners said to spray Meltonian first and if there is color transfer, then they can easily take it out

    (this is called a high class problem, not being able to decide LOL)