OH DEAR GOD~! enough already!

Oct 10, 2006
Barf bag please!:throwup:

Paris' jail jumpsuit up for sale on eBay

Want to dress just like Paris Hilton? An orange government-issued jumpsuit and matching shorts allegedly tried on by the recently jailed heiress is for sale on eBay.
“Paris has been in jail for less than 1 day,” noted the seller. “Shes (sic) has b*****d about everything!”
The eBay merchant says that the high-fashion-loving heiress didn’t like the way the clothes fit. “She demanded a femal (sic) med and they didnt (sic) fit. These are the Original pair of Paris Hilton Orange jail shorts and jump suit! Dont (sic) miss this once in a life time opportunity!!!”

Meanwhile, fellow inmates at the detention center shouldn’t be too surprised if they don’t understand what their famous new resident is saying. Hilton’s former party pal, Bijou Phillips, Monday told Howard Stern that Hilton has invented her own language which she sometimes uses to insult people.
Hilton’s rep didn’t want to respond to Phillips’ comments, telling The Scoop he hadn’t heard them, but he dismissed the jumpsuit story as “ridiculous.”
He added that any inquiries regarding her jail stay should be directed to a spokesman for the detention center where the heiress is staying. The rep couldn’t be reached for comment but it turns out that the jumpsuits issued to the inmates are, indeed, orange.
Jan 23, 2006
I find it hard to believe that its the original suit. I'm sure were going to hear about all kinds of supposedly jail house Paris paraphernalia on sale on ebay. I'm sure she crapped herself when she arrived at The Big house. Besides ,they sell all kinds of **** on eBay. :s


wife, mom, bagaholic
Apr 3, 2006
I wish I could create a magical spell to make the world forget about this little wench. She is a nasty person. So many cruel, hateful, racist and sick things have come out of her ugly little mouth. I wish she would just go away.