Oh dear, accidently ordered a Birkin.....

  1. Oops...just went into my store to return the scarf from yesterday (they're getting me another one) - swapped it for a lock (cadena?) of the little sailing boat - love it!........anyway, got talking to the manager there and to cut a long story short, I have ordered a chocolate Birkin 35, pall h/w, orange stitching........DON'T TELL MY DH!!! I'm hoping it takes a LONG while to arrive, so I don't have to explain myself too soon - LOL!!!:shame: :upsidedown:

    (gosh, it pays to be "regular visitor"!).
  2. chocolate, with Orange stitching! It sounds gorgeous! Your DH won't know until it's on the charge card, so the secret is safe with us!
  3. Your little secret is going to cost you. How much are you going to pay me to keep my mouth shut?:P
  4. FIRST! what do you mean accidentlly?:nuts: I have tried "ON PURPOSE" and nothiong,:rant: :supacool: ...SECOND ...Wow how beautiful... I am a big bi-color fan... have 2 ... if you want ... I'll show you mine...pg 349, post# 6975 on the Hermes thread (other forum):flowers: mine has 2 leather combo, I like the idea of different color stiching!
  5. oh mine!! how wonderful is that!!! Congrats!!!!! It does pay to be a regular!!!:flowers::flowers::flowers:
  6. Well start saving and keep taht money comming because you never know, they could call you like tomorrow!
  7. LMAO. You kill me Kristie.
  8. ^ You show me yours, and I'll show you mine!!!!!!!! LOL!!

    Ok, when I say "accidently", I was just CHATTING to him about what I would like, along the lines of "Oh, I love Kelly's, can't wait to get my vert anis, but I'm thinking a Birkin might be a practical addition with the kids, and all....." and the manager says "what Birkin would you be looking for?"....so I go into the whole toile/white combo thing (he didn't seem to really like this one) and then I said I would ADORE a choc with orange stitching (one of the SA's has this Birkin), and he says "OK, lets get you one......let me see what I can do..." pulls out an order "form" (just put dowm my name and the bag specs) and said "DONE! It will be ordered!....I'll call you when it arrives" - and that's how I accidently ordered a Birkin............a few weeks ago, all I had was a Herbag and a canvas beach tote........

    DH is gonna kill me......please let it be 2007.......(actually, choc/orange id DH's fave combo, and He's a softie, so I'm not really worried.......but still......) GULP!
  9. Well, in thast case you deserve a big, fat, gigant, WAAAH>>> YOOOOHOOOO:yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo::yes:

  10. :lol: .......hg, you crack me up!!
  11. wow wow wow wow wow!! :crybaby::crybaby:what an Hermes moment!!!:heart::heart:
    Kristie! Your collection is going to be TDF!!!! You have such great taste! :tender:
    oh oh! and I know what to do with the DH..just hurry up and get preg again. that counts into another push gift! :graucho:
  12. Oh well, this is a definitely not a bad "accident", isn't it?? LOL!! ;)

    Congratulations :party: and I hope you will get it soon :smile:
  13. thanks, H.A, but I hope I DON'T get it soon..........LOL!!:upsidedown:

  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: now THAT'S funny!!!!
  15. Congrats!!!! I hope it takes its time getting here! :lol: :flowers: :yahoo: