Oh dear - a traitor

  1. Just a little admission.

    After being a long term Mulberry fan, I was switching alliance to Balenciaga, but WHOOPS just succumbed to Big Black Betty bag from NAP. This may be the start of a long slide into extra depravity.

    I am justifying this in my mind as being large enough to categorise as cabin baggage.:nuts:
  2. Hi there!

    DO you have the bag yet? I'm thinking about getting a large betty, justifying it by convincing myself I'll use it for work and travel (although I don't even have any holidays planned)! Just wondered how you find the size, would you use it as an everyday bag?

  3. I am also wondering...I am eyeing the ginger betty on the NAP europe site.
  4. Hi there - no bag as yet but will post comments (hopefully gleeful ones) on arrival!!!
  5. PS - I agree that the Ginger bag looks stunning. I had to fight down my desire for it, saying that black would look better with my old Armani leather biker jacket which I intend to get out again for the Autumn months.

    I am expecting the Betty to be rather like carrying a Mulberry Roxanne. I know that they are probably old hat now but I really love them.
  6. the betty is a bit bigger than the roxanne but lighter and easier to carry with a larger inside pocket plus of course the outside ones as well. i love both bags but find the betty more practical. hope that helps!

    p.s. congrats jenova!
  7. can you post the link for the ginger betty? I'm dying to see this color....
  8. Hi

    Thanks for the Roxanne / Betty comparison. Sounds like I am going to adore the Betty beyond all belief!!!

    I have never posted a link into this forum so not sure how. Does this work?


    If not, could someone tell me how?:confused1:
  9. Snap! I've been eyeing the ginger betty on NAP too! I keep holding out incase it gets reduced any further :graucho:. Does anyone think it will? Or should we all buy them before they sell out!!!!??
  10. I wish I knew. I'm knew to all this Chloe stuff and I seriously need to be on a ban, but I have been wanting an ivory/cream colored smaller Betty but cannot seem to find one. There are some patent ones out there, but I'd like a regular leather one. Yea...I'm going to get myself in lots of trouble :sweatdrop:so I should just live vicariously through you gals so go for it!!!! post pics if you get one please!!!:yes:
  11. Hmmm - on receiving my large Black Betty - I find it quite stiff and bulky.

    I am more inclined to see it as a piece of baggage that can double as a handbag than the other way round. The ends tend to stick out a lot.

    I sincerely hope that it softens up quite a lot during use! Currently not terribly endearing but may grow on me.
  12. ........(cont. from above).... actually I have pulled and poked the bag about a bit now and it is gaining a lot more appeal. I just need to get a bit thinner and dress up like one of the Avengers (black leather and zips) and I will be OK.
  13. Congrats on your Betty, I have a Black Betty that I love, it is a great bag. It will grow on you more each day. There is just something about a Betty.......