Oh Darn...

  1. So...was thinking about getting a new LV for school...until I saw the COACH HAMPTONS PEBBLED LEATHER BUSINESS TOTE on the Coach site. When I saw the black one, I fell in love with it. Does anyone have this bag and can tell me how it is?
  2. I tried it on today in the store. It is fab; really I loved it. I am a SAHM, but if I went back to work or school, I think this bag would be perfect.
  3. I don't have the pebbled one...I have a smooth leather hamptons business tote from earlier this year...LOVE it!
    Photo 73.jpg
  4. I dont have the pebbled leather one either but I have the carryall very similar to the business tote and I love it to death. Its nice and roomy, but doesnt look too big.
  5. It's very cute! :yes:
  6. Becca4277 - I should go to the Coach outlet; there's one that's close to my work but I always forget to go!

    shelbell77 - The size of that bag looks absolutely perfect!!!

    abandonedimages - I'll check out that carryall :yes:
  7. Shellbell77--I absolutely love Tan Hamptons Business Tote that you have. From your pic, the color, size and style are perfect. I wish they still had that at the store. Could you tell me that style number for it--I would like to try calling Coach's 800 and see if they still have any. Thanks so much!!
  8. I believe it was 5A08 (looking at picture cuz bag is in the car)
  9. I love that bag! I tried it on in red at the outlet yesterday!
  10. I don't have the Business Tote, but I do have the Coach Hamptons Pebbled Leather Medium Carryall and I love it! There is a ton of room in that, so I am sure that the business tote must be a very good size!
  11. Thanks for the information, guys! I just found out that my best friend needs to get a present for her mom...so we're going to the Coach outlet! I'll let everyone know how that goes.
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