Oh crud! Buyer's Paypal payment went to my defunct email address!

  1. I had an auction end and apparently I missed a field on eBay for the payment address for Paypal! It is my old address that was deleted off my account two months ago when we moved and changed ISPs! :noggin:

    The buyer clicked on the link in her notification and it sent the payment to the old address.

    I emailed the buyer and told her she needs to CANCEL the payment and re-send it to the correct email address. Was this the correct thing to tell her?

    The old addy must have defaulted somewhere in my auction listing and I missed it. All my other notifications are going to the new/correct email addy, and it has been updated with Paypal. This is the first time I've sold something since we moved...! :cursing:

    I am worried this lady is going to think I'm trying to scam her!!
  2. Oh Shoot!!! Well, not sure what to suggest.... BUT, I don't think a buyer can cancel a payment once it has been made.

    FYI, I called paypal on an issue a week ago and the lady I spoke to was very helpful and friendly. I'm sure you'll get it worked out. I'm sure your buyer will understand the oops.
  3. I had this happen once before, and since the old email address is defunct and deleted off my paypal account, I think she can cancel the payment because it will be showing up on her transaction history as "unclaimed".

    I sent her an email apologizing profusely and explaining what she needed to do- and also giving her Paypal's phone number for assistance.

    I feel bad for causing her a hassle!
  4. Oh, okay...well that makes sense. Sounds like you have it covered then. She'll understand.

    Sheesh! Keep your emails straight woman! What a hassle.....:p...;)
  5. I think that you have to refund her in order to cancel the payment. Tell her that you are going to refund her and then send her an invoice from the correct PP address.
  6. i did that once last year, just had a look on my paypal account and the seller emailed me to tell me I should send the payment to another address and that I had to cancel the payment. and on my paypal account it also states that I cancelled the payment
  7. I think you have to re-activate your paypal account with that email address in order for you to refund her and have her pay you with the correct email. If you log into paypal with that email address it should say something like "you have money". At this point you can either refund her or create a new account. Hope this helps!
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  8. As fashion said. The e-mail address can be defunct but you can still use it. Add it to your PP account and you should be able to get your $. Learned that on one of the boards on eBay.
  9. I recently changed my email address with paypal. I had one bidder that I forgot did not pay yet, she sent it to my old address. She said paypal stated that the funds had not been claimed yet and asked her if she wanted to cancel payment. She clicked the cancel button and resent payment to the correct address.
  10. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all your suggestions. I spoke with paypal several times today and they were very helpful- in fact, the supervisor even called me back. WOW! SO REFRESHING! eBay on the other hand, was as helpful as a dead slug- canned email response as usual which had nothing to do with my problem.... :rolleyes:

    I've learned something interesting though, there is a glitch with eBay's selling template and that is part of the problem, it keeps defaulting back to my old email address. I did not catch it when I listed the item (which is my fault)

    In any event, I telephoned the buyer who is a real sweetie and we got it straightened out!