Oh Cr*p

  1. I made a boo boo :crybaby:

    So I won this auction for a Roxanne the other day. I came across it in the last few minutes before it ended and yes my bad (bad bad bad bad bad) I went ahead and bid with haste not doing the proper checks which I usually do.

    As soon as I won I noticed all the things which were off about the auction and the fact that she wasnt taking paypal, cheque only!!!!!

    So I thought hells no and emailed her explaining my concerns especially to do with paying by cheque when I was so unsure, I asked for pictures showing things like the D rings etc and she agreed, she said that was fine but that she was at uni so I would have to wait a little (hang on...the reason for the sale was that these bags were being used only in the context of photoshoots...do alot of students have access to high end bags which they get to photograph and then resell at 30% original purchase price?!!? Wow those loans must be more generous than I realised)

    Anyway I digress.

    I have not received the extra photos I was promised (shocker) and today she has filed an unpaid item dispute :tdown:

    So I know that I am totally in the wrong for bidding too quickly but I was caught up in the moment you know!? I made a completely innocent mistake and I have never done this before!!!! She is the one who is breaking the law and lying and deceiving people.

    Im pretty much completely sure that the auction contains pictures of at least 2 different bags, im sure ive seen the lead picture before in other auctions in fact...

    God the whole thing is just so FAKE and I know im wrong for bidding but what she did is so much worse!!!!

    Anyway I have responded to her reminding her that she agreed to send me more photos before I paid and I have emailed eBay AGAIN explaining everything but dont expect much more than a copy and paste of the rules which is the best eBay usually manage.

    How is this going to impact on my fb? What is an unpaid item strike, where does it show up is it just a neg?

    and HOW CAN I MAKE eBay LISTEN TO ME!?!!?! I just want to seize ebay and give em a good shake to remind them of who did what cos I know it is me who is going to get dropped in it for this.

    Ugh sorry for the essay, i feel sad and powerless :shrugs:
  2. Well, she can leave you a negative for not paying for the bag, but in my opinion that's much better than paying for a fake and having no recourse.

    Did you have the bag authenticated on the board to make sure it's not real?

    Also, an unpaid item strike won't do anything. Generally you have to "earn" a few before eBay takes notice.
  3. While you would ideally realize it was fake before bidding and not bid, the illegality of selling a fake trumps non-paying bidder in my book. Yes, you bid and you're obligated to pay, but only if the bag is real. Since counterfeits are prohibited by ebay you assumed the bag you bid on was legit. The seller made the first no-no by listing a fake bag.

    If you know the bag is fake, I'd tell the seller why the bag is fake, that they violated ebay policy by listing it and could be suspended if ebay were alerted, but that they seem like an honest seller who wouldn't mean to list a fake and you'd like to terminate the transaction. If that doesn't work and you're sure the bag is fake, report the listing number (and give it to everyone here to report). Pulled listings carry no commitment to pay. You didn'y pay yet right?
  4. By the way, my heart goes out to you. The situation is stinky and terrible. I would def take neg feedback before getting stuck with a fake. Anyone who knows anything about bags will know hers was a fake and you got scr**ed. It would also give you the chance to leave her neg feedback that would warn people, but for your sake I hope it doesn't come to that.
  5. Thanks for your responses guys :kiss:

    The item no: 260208230234

    She has clearly used photos of 2 different bags, the lead photo looks real to me...but it clearly doesnt have a tag in the place which the bag in the other photo does, the lighting is dramatically different plus no close ups are provided of this first picture.

    Im more suspicious though because she is only accepting cheques, and has totally avoided with excuse after excuse (which dont add up at all when you consider what she says in her listing) providing photos to reassure me of authenticity (I also asked her to include something with her username written on it in the photos so that I know they are hers)

    Would it be really stupid of me to just go ahead and leave her a neg just saying she cant prove that she isnt selling a fake, would it just get deleted by ebay? Cos if they give me an unpaid strike I cant leave her any fb at all right? And im sure she will just relist this bag once this is over :shrugs:
  6. Tell her you would be happy to pay for the bag and if she send you a fake you will be more than happy to report her to eBay, start a dispute for the return of your funds, call her local police and report fraud and her local post office to report mail fraud. Maybe she will rethink her position. If her bag is a fake she will definitely back down.
  7. Nothing worse than walking into a transaction that you have a bad feeling about. If you scroll down to the bottom of her auction she does say that credit cards are accepted. It was probably an error on her part but it would be a much safer way for you to pay. If she refuses ebay would probably side with you and not give you an NPB strike. (She could still leave you a neg but you could neg her back - and her FB is already looking a bit dodgy)
  8. i guess if i were you i would grin and bear the possibility of bad feedback. it seems like way less of a headache than going through with the transaction. i really despise ebay member with poor communication skills! this girl is clearly up to no good.
  9. The item number came to an auction that has this written in it:


    I am confused...is she talking about you, or has this been listed a few times? That is not a very nice thing to put in a listing!
  10. I wouldn't worry chloe. You're allowed 3 npb items. Then they will suspend you. When you get the dispute,tell them why you won't pay. It will go on and on for a while. Ebay tends to side with the sellers. They will give you neg. fb. You get to reply. You can hammer them! Then you can really hammer them w/ neg.fb you leave. As long as the rest of your FB is good,I wouldn't worry.
  11. I would accept the negative feedback but reply as to why you didn't pay for it. State you would have paid if the item was authentic. Keep us posted.
  12. Is this the same bag? Is she allowed to re-list so quickly?and "idiot"? WTF.
    Take your neg(if it comes to that) and resond to make sure people know she is selling a FAKE.
  13. Don't worry about it , kid. If she leaves you negative feedback, go in and post a reply to her feedback that the bag was an illegal counterfeit. And you can also leave that for HER feedback as well. Thats what I just had to do, and I did the same thing you did! Bag looked great, super buy it now, and BAM. We all get impulsive. It sucks but the whole system will get over it.
  14. I thought sellers can't leave buyers negative feedback anymore?
  15. I'm guess it was listed at least one other time. Looks like the fb was left on the 2nd and the auction ended on the fifth.

    I'd email her and tell her it's a fake. And, that you want out. With all these fakes and scammers there is NO way I'd pay for anything with cash or paypal balance. Her payment methods are too high risk. That is NUTS!