Oh COME ON! *sob*

  1. Guess what I got the day before my birthday? A PCE card. Guess how much time is left? 4 days! Guess who doesn't have a store closer then 4 hrs away? Guess who doesn't have any money anyway?

    Me :crybaby:
  2. Awe!! :sad:
  3. Aww. That sucks. I'm so sorry for you. When's your birthday? Mine is coming up too!
  4. i know what you mean. closest store 1 and 1/2 hrs away. who is having to pay two rents at once (2 different apartment complexes) me therefore no money. and i just got my card yesterday!
  5. charge it and call! lol...maybe not the best advice....eh happy birthday anyway
  6. Happy Bday!!! Why dont you place a phone order for one of the new keyfobs? The lion is REALLY adorable!!!! and it wont break the bank!!!!!
  7. Can I use PCE for phone orders to Coach? I could definitely chargit chargit if I'm allowed phone shopping :biggrin:

    And btw, my birthday's tomorrow! It's th perfect present if I can use it.
  8. I did a phone order. Just call around until you find a store that will do it for you. Some will with no problems, others will fight you on it.

    Happy early birthday, BTW!!
  9. There are lots of stores that will do a phone order and give you PCE!! That's how I got my Carly! Do it girl!! You're worth it :tup: Happy B'day, too!
  10. Defintately do a phone order! Happy Early Birthday! :balloon::dothewave:
  11. You can definitely call the store and they will ship to you for free. And you can use the PCE! Happy birthday!
  12. the ruthlessness of life! why oh why? hehehe, ok, enough drama script writing. i AM sorry though. it IS a pity that you don't have a coach store more than 4 hours away. man...that IS a bummer :sad:
    i'd probably go nuts if i lived so far away from coach...or i'd be all over eBay...or i'd just save myself a lot of money. happy early birthday! hopefully somebody can buy you something from Coach and cheer you up, or maybe you'll have someone willing to drive you out there for your birthday...it will be a delightful treat!
  13. Yes, you can use your PCE and call a store! Find something you love...Happy Birthday to you!
  14. Happy birthday! I'm sure you will find something you love that you can afford, especially with PCE! How about a charm, cell accessory, scarf? Don't waste that PCE card! Give yourself a birthday present, I'm sure you deserve it! :yahoo: