Oh come on! Couple claims to see Virgin Mary in sonogram and auction it on ebay!

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  1. You know you want to bid.

    This is almost worse than the millions Britney and Kevin are going to make selling their baby pictures to US Weekly.

    Hopefully, if you win this picture, you won't have to wipe cheeto dust off it, though.
  2. haha this reminds me of that virgin mary cheese sandwich thing that actually sold for $10,000+ lol.
  3. ??? What ??? Ok... LOL

    It's going for $108.00+ now...37 bids too...LOL
  4. Damn, thats it??? This auction better make it into the millons lol :smile:
  5. And did you notice that the seller has been a member of eBay since CHRISTMAS EVE 2002! Do you think that was planned?

  6. This world is funny. I wonder how high it will get..
  7. I bet no more than $1000. But that's just my guess...But there's still more time. LOL
  8. you damn well know that the online casino (that bought Britney's urine and the forehead tattoo in the past) will buy it for more publicity. Dang, what's it called... :Push:
  9. goldenpalace.com - and they even bid in the auctions for tattoos on people's foreheads.

    They must be raking in the online gambling money to afford this crap.

  10. Yes! Golden Palace it is. I am not sure about their revenues, but one of their major competitors brings in roughly $1-1.5Mil in revenue daily. :hrmm:

    Heck, if I had that much dough flowing, I'd buy people's forehead tats, too. Not to mention, the mainstream coverage your company gets for such stunts is worth far more than the few $k spent.
  11. Yeah! That was the place that bought the cheese sandwich lol.
  12. OH! I was right US $129.50 (Reserve met). Less than $1000! :smile: 43 bids not bad...should have been advertised more. LOL
  13. think its gone??? can't see it
  14. i reckon its been removed
  15. This was almost 2 years ago!