Oh, CL Peep-toe where art thou?

  1. Hi Sweets!

    I know the style is sorta "old", but I've been haunting these pair of CL in size 6.5 for a loooooong time now but to no avail.

    Did you guys happen to spot them at any of your local Neimans, Saks, BG, Barneys ... etc?

    **Neimans & BG websites has it right now, but unfortunately they're not my size :sad:

    Thanks in advance for all the info :cutesy:
    CL Suede Peep-Toe Pump.JPG
  2. Good luck on finding them! Different versions of them pop up every now and then on saks.com or nm.com. Have you checked eBay? You have to keep looking both online and in your local stores and boutiques.
  3. In black suede with that red peep-toe everywhere is pretty much sold-out already. A few places may still have black leather (w/ black peep-toe...all black) remaining, or other colored leather/canvas uppers.
  4. Thank you LavenderIce & foxycleopatra :flowers:

    Actually, a very nice Pfer have it and I just paid for it - like 2 mins. ago :wlae: .
  5. i JUST received that EXACT pair in the mail yesterday! (the calf skin leather) With the lipstick red peep toe! I got them in a size 7.5 from the new york saks. Try calling them to see if they still have them in! Good luck! It's a GREAT shoe!
  6. Wow! Congrats! Did you get the Very Prive one?
  7. Yes that's the one i got, the Very Prive Pump. :yes:
  8. Congrats on getting one! I'm actually waiting for the no. prive patent leather nude from nm.com. I'm like you, where I realized I wanted it much later than when it first came out.
  9. I guess i just got lucky! they had ONE pair in 7.5. All the other pairs were in smaller sizes!!! Good luck! i'm sure you'll snag one!!!!
  10. I'm still anxiously awaiting mine to be shipped from Saks. They didn't have black in the store but they should be coming to me in the mail any day now. They charged my card so that's a good sign I think.
  11. Lucky!

    Please post pic :love: when you get 'em.
  12. Wow, congrats!

    Which Saks is this? Yeah, usually when you pre-order something from 'em and they charged your card, that's pretty much an indication that the item is on it's way.
  13. I'll post pics today of the shoes ! Yes, if they have charged your card, they are probably on their way to you!!!! :yahoo:
  14. This thread shows blatant lack of following the tPF rules. There is absolutely no selling our buying on the boards. Please re-acquaint yourself with the rules because you can be banned from the forum for doing this.
  15. I apologize in advance. However though, I wasn't in any shape or form trying to sell the shoes. I was just simply inquiring about it.