Oh can I find the MbMJ Dylan crossbody bag?

  1. I'm having trouble finding this bag? Anyody got any leads? Or modelling pics?

    I'd like it in any color. :love:

  2. I'm trying to find it, too! In grass color!
  3. I thought this bag would come back to the Spring 2008 collection!!!
  4. Hi, tuna lala! I've never seen this bag irl, but I really love it and I wanted to buy one in grass color!

    Could you, please, let me know if it really can be worn cross over the body? Like a messenger bag?

  5. I've never seen it either... I think it's meant as a messenger bag :smile: So yes.
  6. Where did you get this pic from?
  7. I'd like to see modeling pics of it!
  8. I thought I saw this bag in grass and midnight at the LA MBMJ boutique (call to doublecheck though), and it seemed like a smallish bag to me, more like a shoulder bag with long handles. Not 100% sure, so it's probably best to call the store and ask them for measurements or to compare to the Teri for sizing.
  9. OMG! Did you see it in grass color! It's the color I'm looking for!