Oh boy, these fake sites are hilarious!!

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  1. #1 Oct 2, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2010
    Taken from lowhandbags.com, I am quoting their sales pitch for their hideous Coaches...too funny!!!

    "Coach has already become a kind of pride of vogue field, is also this the woman wants to own most on the Earth of brand!Like vogue of you, believe is also like Coach handbag, owning an of good quality but inexpensive Coach handbag is your important choice, own it, you own chemisette vogue, chemisette Coach spirit, make oneself more beautiful riotous. Come so, carry out your dream, best Replica Coach Handbags, cheapest Coach handbag, your best choice."

    tee hee...I love it!! Their other sales pitches for Gucci and Fendi are hilarious also!! :lolots:
  2. Mmmm, what does a chemisette have to do with a purse? LOL!
  3. :lolots:
  4. What? haha, I can't even read that!
  5. That is a perfect example of an automated translation... They probably used freetranslation.com... Sounds like Tarzan wrote that...
  6. :yucky::sick::nono: ewwww!

  7. haha good it's not just me...I was trying to read it and just kept thinking uh am I missing something or reading it wrong...yikes!
    I agree CoachObsession, definitely seems like an auto-translate gone bad. wow...
  8. WTH???? That made me laugh out loud!
  9. I had trouble reading it too. I'm going to check out the site for a good laugh!
  10. I love the website name. Low handbags, like low quality. I realize they mean low price, but that's all I can think of.
  11. Wth?
  12. Now imagine Ricardo Montalban reading that to you... I would be seduced! lol
  13. The Chanel description is quite quizzical!

    "Chanel Handbags is a grace, actual with simple and direct now city girl handbag, replica Chanel Handbags of our Handbags and Chanel Handbags of reproduction Chanels' pursuing is similar, is similar with the production raw material of Chanel Handbags, have strict production procedure.Perfect replica Chanel Handbags , let you have already wanted the felling that owns right away, we make every effort to recommend meticulous grace for you, the vogue spreads of Chanel Handbags.Chanel of our website Handbags request according to different and female consumer."
  14. omg I am rolling!!! That is hysterical! lol reminds me of engrish.com
  15. ROFL LMAO!!! I love that, "like tarzan wrote that"... lolol... that is some funny stuff there........ :biggrin: