Oh BOY! She's here :)

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  1. Hello everyone!

    So my simple yet beautiful Signature Stripe Black/Gunmetal came today in the mail! I got her in a Buy It Now/ Or Best Offer...My best offer was $220 and it was accepted:yahoo:!
    I think that was a good deal considering this bag is $268! So i was very happy with the price:tup:

    Came with dust bag tissue and bow which was all packed in the box, but please tell me how lame this is!!!:sad:

    The seller used the tattersall gift box as the packaging box and just put priority take around it which ruined the box!:cursing: seriously now....

    But further more she is awesome and just what I needed exactly!!

    I also bought the ruby patent mini skinny and skull keyfob for her, but right now I have the celestial keyfob on her which i love too!

    I'm also looking into getting the patent wristlet in ruby if i can find it for a good price on eBay!



    OH and heres the stupid box and after trying to get the tape off nicely i saw that it would be ruined anyways, i just ripped it down the middle!!!! :crybaby:

  2. Looks hot on you! Love all of your little accessories too! Lucky girl!
  3. Gorgeous I have that tote in large but now I want that size so I can carry it everywhere.My boyfriend would kill me.
  4. NICE! Love those stripe totes...wish I had one in bronze!!:nuts:
  5. Super cute! Love the gunmetal stripe! Congrats!!
  6. Congrats! Love the skull on it! :tup:
  7. So fabulous! I love the gunmetal color!
  8. Love it! Looks great on you! Enjoy!
  9. Yes I agree this bag is very cute nice choice and congrats!!
  10. Great bag! Sorry the box was ruined. Personally I wouldn't use the box as a mailer because I'd be afraid that someone would realize that a Coach bag was inside and be more likely to pilfer it :sad:
  11. ^^ No kidding!! That's so sad about the box...but congrats on a beautiful tote!! It looks great on you!
  12. Oooh congrats! The gunmetal is so striking, and it looks great on you!
  13. this bag is on my wishlist. [as well as the brown/bronze one.]
    the wallet that matches only comes in zip-around, right?
  14. Aaaahhh, who would know that a seller would have so little sense (or just out of packing materials?)
  15. it looks great on you! I love that bag!