oh boy! *RANT

  1. pretty frustrated right now. :sad:

    well, i purchased a chanel bag that i was googoogaga for from this seller around a week ago. immediate payment was required becos i BIN'ed it, so i sent payment lightning fast. i was super excited for my new chanel to come in! but, to my disappointment, seller contacted me letting me know that PayPal froze her account and couldn't receive my money.. great. she asked me to send her a money order, but i always refuse that option due to the fact that, in case of fraud, it would be so freaking hard to get my money back.

    i asked her to look into other methods where i can pay via cc.. like BidPay which is kind of like paypal, but not really. i've used it before and the transaction went smoothly, but she responded with this apologetic email ending something like this, "i know you wanted the bag badly, but hey, life goes on." wth is that. :confused1: at least she's refunded my money.. but she hasn't answered any of my requests to pay in any other way with credit card..

    i'm upset. :push:
  2. people can be soooo weird!:shocked:
  3. I think it sounds a little fishy. If paypal had frozen her account I don't believe the funds could have been accepted never mind refunded.
    I just remember this from when I tried to pay someone through paypal and it would not accept the payment, it turned out the buyer had whole bunch of claims against her. Don't send an money order as it's just not worth the risk.
    Also why can't you pay through paypal when the account is no longer frozen, surely it's only temporary?
  4. If someone opens a dispute against you, they freeze the amount the transaction was, you can still receive money, and even send money if you had enough in there to cover the amount they debited. She most likely has a claim against her and the money you sent wasn't available to her... either way, i'd leave her a negative if you can, you did your duty as a buyer, she failed hers as a seller, it's not your fault her paypal acct is messed up.
  5. That's just bizzare! I would say that maybe she was sorry for the amount it went for, but since it was a BIN I doubt that's the case, unless she's just dumb. Your neg to her should read as follows:

    "Seller could not complete transaction. Life goes on."
  6. thanks!

    86leo, i know. she's an odd one. i don't think she can be trusted.. tsktsk
    westie, i agree. it was a little fishy to me too. she couldn't even provide a reason why PayPal froze her account... hmmm!
    jen, yeah, thanks for the info! i just hope she doesn't leave me a neg back!
    sea, :roflmfao: definitely. congrats on the pregnancy btw!
  7. I'd be bummed if it happened to me too! But be careful. People are quick to tell someone to leave a negative but the retaliatory neg will be left for YOU, not them. Sometimes it's best just to move on. And I'm not saying you aren't within your rights to leave a negative. You are. Just be prepared to get one back even though it's not fair.
  8. Unless paypal froze her acct. for selling fakes?
  9. i'm not even sure what's going on. i don't want to leave a negative because my paypal account is 100% pos right now and i don't want to ruin it! i think i might just move on and leave her be. :s
  10. This sounds all weird. I know you probably wanted the purse sooooo bad, but I would just wait for another one, even though its hard. Cuz I sure wouldn't be botherd by a seller that tells me life goes on..

    Keep looking girl!
  11. thanks, bay. ITA. even if it was a disappointment, forget it and as she said, life goes on. :push:

    UPDATE. i told her to leave me positive feedback because i KNOW i was an A+++ buyer, but she's failed to leave me anything.. no reply, feedback, NOTHING. :shrugs: i bet you she's waiting for me to leaver her a positive first....
  12. Hey fellow Tri-Stater,
    If your account is "frozen" you are able to send refunds.. but I agree with the poster above that said this sounds fishy.. she would have eventually been able to retrieve the money, so there was no reason she kept the bag from you.... :noworry: :hrmm:
  13. yeah that sounds bad, usually when the account is frozen, they have other complaints against them!!!
  14. UPDATE:

    tell me why SHE opened a dispute against me. :cursing: an unpaid item dispute saying that i failed to pay. OH BOY.
  15. That's ridiculous!