Oh boy only 3

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  1. When I bought my bag I asked how many were manufactured today I got an email. There are only 3 neon yellow ostrich kite totes 😳 One in London, one in Paris and one with me in the Netherlands. I'm a bit flabbergasted ☺️
  2. Congrats! Please do a reveal!

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  3. There is a reveal somewhere but here is a pic ☺️

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  4. And another one. I will stop now before its to much 😁

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  5. So pretty!! [emoji7] [emoji7]

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  6. That is just amazing Marjan, how wonderful to have a bag that's so unique. I love it when Mulberry do this, I remember them bringing out an Oak Ostrich Union Jack Lily that they only made a few of and I know a lady on here, has a Limited Edition red Small Bayswater Satchel in red that was made for the Chinese New Year. Fabulous items to treasure as they are so rare. Congratulations !
  7. Very happy that you found a mulberry bag to make you smile.
    Color is sunny & cheerful.
    Only 3 is special.
    Congrats. :smile:
  8. Before my time, but apparently they used to make bespoke bags I believe

  9. Serious bobby dazzler there Marjan, a real sunshine bag. Congratulations on owning such a rare piece, carry it in good health :smile:
  10. So special!
  11. Wow...such a great "Happy colour" 😍😍😍 Congratulation!!!!

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  12. Congrats on finding this unique piece!
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