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  1. WARNING: this post is long hehe and ive posted something similar on the Gucci board:smile:

    So im heading out of town (san diego for 3 days and vegas for 2:yahoo: ) andddddddddd my mom just said that she'll buy me a bag since she knowssss i love the shops at vegas!!! (i swear they have the best things, i dont know why but i just think they do!!!):drool:

    SO HELP!!! What should i get??? I dont want to get one tooooo expensive, because there are loads of other things i have my eyes on so about a $1000

    sooooooo heres my dilemma...GUCCI OR LV??? if so which one?

    My gucci collection so far is this: 5 bags ( i know small compared to most the girls on here

    My LV collection
    Yup thats a blank spot, because i have NONE! :supacool:

    WHAT TO DO!!! fuel my gucci obsession or branch out to lv? I mean im not a total gucci hermit, i have 25+ coach bags, 4+ kate spades, A versace, a few juciys and blah other ones

    is it true, must every LV collecter HAVE a speedy? I was thinking id get that or the Noe, just to start out with...and oh oh oh if i get the Noe can i take the leather thingy out and thread a scarf through it? would a LV multicolor scarf look cute? HELP HELP HELP confused :sad:
  2. get a speeeeedy!
  3. Well this being a LV subforum, you'll get more votes to ge a bag from LV. ;)

    A great starter bag is the Speedy- I suggest the Damier Speedy 30.
    More great bags are: Azur Saleya MM, Batignolles Vertical, Popincourt Haut, and Alma.
  4. Cabas Piano...or Mono Speedy
  5. hmmmm speedy does sound yummy...what about a Noe?? anyone have one? anyone love it? hate it??

    Anyone replace the leather thingy with a scarf? i think id look cute with the multicolor lv scarf....WHAT do u guys think?
  6. man oh man, how to decide? ok so is the size a HUGE difference between the 30 and 25???

  7. I have 3 noes but as a starter bag I'd get a speedy - unless you're a shoulder bag girl, then a petit noe would be nice :smile:
  8. i vote for the speedy!

  9. i am a shoulder bag type of girl, but its not dead set...like i can do either and be fine hehe :smile:

    The only reason id shy away from a speedy is they are so darn common...but i guess i can get a scarf of something

    How do you like the noe? did you keep the original leather tie thingy (don tu just love my technical terms ;) hehe)
  10. btw, you girls and boys are SOO very nice! I appreciate the opinions...and i LOVE how you guys are quick!! THANKS SO MUCH!!! :smile: truely made my day to know people actually care about my purchases!!! :smile:


    ***imagine a virtual hug encasing each and everyone of you!!!***
  11. I think the speedy is a perfect bag for your first LV. Very versatile and classic. I recommend the mono in size 30. 25 is nice also, but I think its a little too small. Good luck and please post some pics after you make your purchase!!
  12. You can use a scarf to tie a noe instead of the leather tie, but it might catch the threads a bit, so it might be worth it to find a cute, less expensie bandeau if that's what you like. My vote is for the speedy, or alma. Noes are actually a really good deal on eBay (either new or used, mono or epi), so you can always make that the next step in your new LV collection!
  13. That's what I was just thinking. I would go for something in azur, so perfect for spring and summer....and bound to be way different anything you have in gucci.
  14. DEFITINETLY get a monogram speedy - you will LOVE it plus you'll have a decent amount of $ left over, you could get a wallet or a cles
  15. i think it all depends on your preference for handbags or shoulder bags. if it's handbags, then the speedy and azur is great as a few people above have suggested.

    if you're a shoulder bag girl, then the noe is very comfortable. i have the larger noe with a scarf pulled through AND is the mc bandeau:


    here are a few more from others on this LV forum:


    good luck and enjoy your first LV! :yes: