oh boy oh boy!!

  1. WARNING: this post is long hehe :smile:

    So im heading out of town (san diego for 3 days and vegas for 2:yahoo: ) andddddddddd my mom just said that she'll buy me a bag since she knowssss i love the shops at vegas!!! (i swear they have the best things, i dont know why but i just think they do!!!):drool:

    SO HELP!!! What should i get??? I dont want to get one tooooo expensive, because there are loads of other things i have my eyes on (i really want another pair of gucci earrings, i love the stardust ones but i want MORE HEHE)

    sooooooo heres my dilemma, (maybe i should post this on LV board too but you girls know my addication to gucci hehe)

    GUCCI OR LV??? if so which one?

    My gucci collection so far is this: 5 bags ( i know small compared to most of yours!)
    Two small going out bags - one brown and one black (the small one with the chain)
    Two carry alls: one brown and one balck ( i think its the chain and ummm i dunno a tote)
    A fun pink suade bag

    My LV collection
    Yup thats a blank spot, because i have NONE! :supacool:

    WHAT TO DO!!! fuel my gucci obsession or branch out to lv? I mean im not a total gucci hermit, i have 25+ coach bags, 4+ kate spades, A versace, a few juciys and blah other ones
  2. Hmmmm... Are there 2 different things you are deciding between between? Is there something LV that you want?
  3. honestly, no hahaha :smile:

    I just want a new bag (how stupid does this sound haha)...I guess if i went with the LV id do the Noe, because its just so different and i dont see much of them around and add a little multicolor scarf to it to add a little zing

    but with gucci...i relaly have NO idea! I want something to WOW me, i dont like the leather much im still very much into the canvas look (more casual in my opinion)

    sooo uhhh uhhhhh ummmmm HELP :sad: very confused hehe
  4. nobody has any suggestions???? :sad:
  5. Hey loved! How much are you looking to spend? If you really like gucci-get something from them. If you are considering LV, I can help you there!
  6. I think a louis vuitton noe is a great idea.
  7. I agree with beljwl - that is a great bag - not too big and versatile enough for going out or going to work/school. i have the batignolles (vertical) and i think i like the horizontal style better now.
  8. Get an LV one. Everyone needs one LV at least.
  9. I think it would be great to have at least one LV. However, just go and browse and get whatever you are feeling. It will be more fun that way anyway.
  10. thanks for your opinion guys!!! i dont wanna spend more than a 1000 (hey im in vegas i need my cash for other goodies!!! hehe and i hate putting stuff on a credit card haha actually im 23 and i technically dont have a credit card to ward off temptations hahahaha sad huh! :smile: )

    i like gucci fans idea of going with the flow! hmmmm btu i might get confused hahahahaha but i wont get dissapointed if i cant find excatly what i want!
  11. GO to Lv or if you can drop by at Hermes. They might have something cutesy to go with those fab gucci earrings you have been eyeing!
  12. I would do a LV damier either speedy 30 or salaya (either MM or PM) I think the damier line is sooo classic
  13. noe