Oh boy...I've gone off the deep end into a sea of MAGENTA

  1. For those who have ever wondered or asked the question.......

    "Do you have more than one style in the same color?"

    The answer is........"yep":shame: classique, box, twiggy, AND work.

    I think I may have a problem......:girlsigh:
    tmpphpunmbP5.jpg tmpphpNqDsVX.jpg tmpphplE5KoC.jpg
  2. This color is amazing! Love 'em!
  3. HOLY COW!!!!!!

    That's a whole lotta magenta. Amazing. I am truly stunned.

    Love it. Great bags BellaFiore.
  4. Wow!!! That group picture is too cute!! It makes me want a magenta first even more. And no, I don't think you have a problem. You're just Bbag crazy like the rest of us! :nuts:
  5. Amazing collection. Congrats.:drool:
  6. hey bella, great magenta collection!:heart: i have a magenta weekender and a baby shoulder bag.:love: i think we only left out the day now...
  7. oh my FREAKIN goodness! :nuts: :nuts: :drool: :drool:
    Magenta is my absolute favorite color. I *wish* it was still being made

    love your collection:heart::heart:
  8. Very pretty! Love your sea of magenta. The color is 2d4!
  9. wow!!! four of one color! and it is a great color!
  10. Absolutely gorgeous! I love magenta!
  11. OMG I love it! You are the magenta queen! :queen:
  12. That is a big happy Magenta family. Congrats!! :love:
  13. Wow! What I wouldn't kill for a magenta first!
    Gorgeous collection!
  14. Congrats:yahoo: you should have gotten Donna's Magenta Purse to make your set complete.:graucho:
  15. Wow, your magenta family portrait is so pretty and cute!!