Oh boy! I'm so confused....

  1. So....it's Christmas time...and I've had a long long semester at University...

    So, I think it's time to treat myself. (Teehee!) So I figured with some of the money that I *hope* I make on eBay...I want to purchase a new Bbag.:yes:



    I need some pictures to help me decide.

    I want a Day.

    I thought I was set on a Black (Noir) SGH Day...

    But then I was browsing the forum and I started DROOLING when I saw Brunettetiger's GORGEOUS Sienna with GGH. :drool:

    But then I really like the Mastic color...how do you think that that would look with GGH/SGH?

    I want something in the neutral family ... a really rich brown would be nice, I think. And I want something that won't get dirty TOO easily.

    So....ladies, what do you think I should get? (I would LOVE to see some pictures)

  2. I vote for a Sahara day with SGH or GGH! Do you like this color? Cinnamon is gorgeous too,and very rich! Mastic is perfect with GGH!!
  3. I have a sandstone GGH Day and I just LOVE it! The color is so versatile and it looks great with everything. The day is a wonderful size and really does hold tons.
  4. oooo! I'd get the new green with GGH in the Day style!

    lovely! Post your bag once you get in!
  5. If you like rich browns, cinnamon and truffle are both nice...
  6. cinimmon GGH ... sandstone GGH .. in that order :smile:
  7. Oooh....I'm getting excited, lol. Now I just have to find a great deal....
  8. If you're worried about a bag getting dirty, then I'd go with a rich brown instead of the mastic. I loooove my mogano(cinnamon) because the color is so rich. But the sienna is a fabulous, versatile color too! You can't go wrong w/either one.
  9. I think morgano is a lovely colour, and it won't get dirty fast.
  10. truffle with GGH is hard to beat ...
  11. you mean this one?:graucho:
    This is the Sienna RTT with GGH - and I returned it because it was tooooooo big and heavy. I'm on the hunt for this combo in a Work or a Brief. The color is AMAZING

    But I like Sahara too...
  12. They all are great choice. I would go for the black day since it was what you wanted originally.